Automatic Detection Confidence

When using Automatic Detection to detect specific objects (faces, license plates,  screens, persons, vehicles), CaseGuard will scan the video to look for those objects, the algorithm will check the video frame by frame and detect the object with a level of certainty we call “Confidence“. The Confidence number tells you how confident the system was when detected a certain object.

After the Automatic Detection scan is done, from the Object Detection Panel, you can hover over any detected object to see the Confidence number of how certain the system was when detected that specific object.

How to control the confidence level of my detection?

From the Automatic Detection Popup, under the “Options” section, you will find a field called “Confidence” that you can change. By default, it’s set to be 20%, which means that if the system is 20% certain that the object is detecting is a face then consider it a face. You can change this number to best suit your needs. We recommend keeping this number anywhere between 20% and 50% to be able to detect as much as possible

CaseGuard Automatic Detection popup

Why it’s important to know and manage the Confidence level?

It’s important to understand that when you set up your confidence level to be 10% for example, it means that the system will detect the object even if it was only 10% confident about the object.

If you set up your confidence level to be higher, 50% or more, then fewer objects will be detected, since all the objects that the system is 50% or less confident about are not going to be detected.

If your goal is to redact as many objects as possible then a lower Confidence number is recommended. In this case, you might get some false positive detected objects but you will get as many detected objects as possible.

In some cases, you can go as low as 5% to detect as many objects as possible.

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