360 Video, 4K, 8K, or Drone Footage In CaseGuard Studio

What can CaseGuard Studio’s 360 Video option be used for?

Using CaseGuard Studio’s 360 video redaction option, users of the software can redact videos with mass movement or a large number of faces or objects in less time than it would take to use other features within the software. For example, say you are trying to redact a car accident that took place on a busy street during rush hour traffic. As such a video would undoubtedly contain the faces of many innocent bystanders, as well as the license plates of various drivers who were on the road during the crash, these forms of personally identifiable information would need to be redacted from the video in question. Using CaseGuard Studio’s 360 video option, the process of redacting all of these faces and license plates is made that much easier. This is due to the aerial view nature of the 360 feature, allowing for the software to pick up personally identifiable information in a fraction of the time it would take to do so using manual detection, object tracking, or standard automatic detection.

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