How to quickly redact a stationary object in a video


How to quickly redact a stationary object in a video

While CaseGuard offers an incredible AI automatic detection option, there is no redaction task too big or small for what the software can do. For example, if you need to redact a video taken in an interview room with a stationary camera and a still subject, AI detection may be too big of a tool for the job. In instances such as this one, Manual Video Redaction is a fast and easy way to accomplish this job.

How to redact a stationary object

For footage recorded by a stationary camera such as CCTV, there is a simple way to redact objects that have little or no movement.

  • Add your video to CaseGuard Studio.
  • Select “Manual Video” from the Left Toolbar.


  • Draw a redaction box around the object you want to redact.
  • Right-click on the redaction box and select the “Copy Effects…” option from the dropdown.

copy effects

  • The Copy Effects pop-up will appear. This will take you through a simple wizard where you can customize exactly how you want your redactions to appear.

Copy Effects settings window

  • Once you’ve gone through this, all that’s necessary is to click Apply. CaseGuard Studio will do the rest of the work for you!

Let’s see it in action!

copy effect on stationary object in stationary video