Add, Edit, Remove Shapes and Effects

The manual redaction shapes you add can be resized, moved, and deleted at any point in the video.

  • Add a shape with effect by drawing a shape on an object or area you want to redact.

CaseGuard Add shape with effect

  • Resize a shape by clicking and holding the corner of the shape. Drag to adjust the corner to where you want it. Release the mouse button.

CaseGuard Resize shape with effect

  • Move a shape by clicking and holding the shape. Drag the shape to the area you want to cover. Release the mouse button.

CaseGuard Move shape with effect

  • Delete a shape by double clicking the shape. The shape and its effects will be removed.
    • To delete a shape for part of the video, you can right click and select to remove the shape from particular portions of the video.

CaseGuard Delete shape with effect

  • To make this process easier, you can slow down your video as it plays back.

CaseGuard slowdown video speed

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