How to Enhance Video Content Using CaseGuard Studio

How to Enhance Video Content Using CaseGuard Studio

In addition to redacting video content, users of CaseGuard Studio can also use the software to enhance items that are captured via video recordings. Despite the advancements that have been made in regard to video recording and editing technology in the past few decades, business professionals and consumers alike will still deal with situations where they must manage and edit videos that are of poor resolution or quality. For instance, a security guard that is looking to assist a customer who is involved in an accident that took place amidst a parking deck located in a major shopping center may struggle to identify the license plate of the perpetrator. This being said, CaseGuard Studio offers a number of video enhancement effects that can be used to mitigate such issues.

Manual detection

The most basic way that users of CaseGuard Studio can enhance their content is by using the software’s Manual Detection tool. To access this tool, users can click on the Manual Detection within the left-hand toolbar, which will then pin the Manual Detection panel to the lower-left-hand section of the system. From within this panel, users can choose to both redact and enhance objects and information that may be present within a video recording, in accordance with four distinct shapes and over twenty different visual effects. To this end, the Rectangle shape and Magnify effect are an ideal combination to use when looking to enhance vehicle license plates within a particular video.


When a user has selected the redaction shape and effect of their choosing, they can then left-click and then drag their mouse over a license plate within CaseGuard Studio’s media player, creating a video enhancement box over said license plate. Next, users can use the spacebar on their keyboard or laptop to press the Play button within the media player, while simultaneously dragging the enhancement box over the license plate within the media player. When a user is satisfied that they have been able to enhance the license plate within their video, they can then click the Export button in the upper-right corner of the software to finalize the process.

Automatic detection



On the other hand, users of CaseGuard Studio can also use the AI Automatic Detection feature within the system to enhance video content as well. To do this, users must first click on the Automatic License Plate Detection button, right under the Manual Detection button in the left-hand toolbar. This will then take them to the AI Automatic Detection pop-up window. As the License Plates option will already be selected within this window, users can click Next to choose the enhancement shapes and effects they wish to use to edit their videos. Likewise, the Rectangle shape and Magnify effect can also be used to enhance videos using the software AI Automatic Detection tool.


Furthermore, there is also a Smart Zoom feature that can also be used in conjunction with the enhancement effects contained within the software to add clarity to a video recording. What’s more, users can also apply an enhancement effect by using the Full Frame option within the software, which allows said users enhance larger objects within a video. When a user has selected the redaction shape and effect combination they would like to use to automatically enhance their video file, they can then click the Apply button within the right-hand corner of the pop-up window to begin the detection process immediately, or choose to run the detection at a later time by selecting a future date from the drop-down Schedule menu.

Video enhancement



Moreover, there is also a Save as Template option within the pop-up window that will allow users to save their automatic video enhancement settings for later use, saving said users time and effort should they need to enhance additional videos for any particular reason. Assuming that a user chooses to initiate the video enhancement process immediately by clicking the Apply button, they will see that enhancement boxes will begin automatically appearing over all license plates within the video when using the controls within CaseGuard Studio’s media player.



Conversely, users can also click the View All button within the Objects Detection panel to see every frame in which the system has detected and subsequently enhanced a license plate within their video. Clicking this button will then take users to the Objects Detection pop-up window, where users will see a visual representation of every license plate that was detected at that point in the video. As is the case with the Manual Detection feature, users can click the Export button in the right-hand corner of the software after they are satisfied with the Automatic License Plate Detection Process.

In spite of the fact the team at CaseGuard Studio strives to provide clients with the most innovative and advanced video redaction software features that are currently available on the market today, there are also a wide range of video editing tools within the system as well. To this point, while the Magnify visual effect within the software gives users the ability to enhance video content that may be of a lower quality or clarity, there are a host of other visual enhancement effects that can also be used while navigating the software, as the CaseGuard Studio media player can be used to edit virtually any video in an efficient and accurate manner.

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