How CaseGuard is Using AI Algorithms to Enable Privacy

How CaseGuard is Using AI Algorithms to Enable Privacy

Through the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, software developers have been given the opportunity to protect personal information and privacy in a manner that had never been possible before. To this point, CaseGuard Studio’s automatic redaction software provides users with a number of features that are specifically designed to aid in the protection of personal privacy. From the redaction of legal documents to security footage that may contain the personal identities of minors, the applications of redaction software amidst our current digital society are endless. With all this being said, three major industries that CaseGuard’s redaction software is currently being used in include the financial services, education, and healthcare industries respectively.

Redaction for financial services

As individuals working within the financial services industry will be charged with protecting confidential financial information on a daily basis, the ability to redact information as quickly and effectively as possible is of the utmost importance. Likewise, CaseGuard Studio’s software contains several tools that professionals within the financial services industry can use to protect the personal information they manage during the course of their work days. For example, the software can be used to automatically redact credit card details that may be communicated during phone calls, ensuring that businesses can maintain PCI DSS compliance.

Alternatively, CaseGuard Studio also contains check and credit card redaction features that allow users to redact these payment methods within image files and video recordings. As these features leverage artificial intelligence to automatically detect financial details within a check or credit card, in conjunction with supervised machine learning training algorithms that allow the software to redact these forms of information without any manual interaction, clients that work within the financial services industry can have the peace of mind that the software will be able to recognize and redact financial data using efficient means at all times.

Redaction for education

On the other hand, CaseGuard Studio’s redaction software has also been used to aid educators and school administrators in safeguarding the personal information of the various students they serve. For instance, as many children will undoubtedly use computer services or online websites when pursuing their educational careers, these children are at the risk of having this information exposed during a data breach incident, just as any other person would be when using the internet. To this end, the AI analytics feature within CaseGuard Studio’s document redaction software allows users to redact personal information within PDF documents in seconds.

Alternatively, many schools around the U.S. currently employ surveillance cameras within their classrooms, campuses, and other related academic settings. While these cameras can serve any number of purposes, from protecting students themselves to monitoring the facilities that students use when attending school, disclosing the personal identities of minors within the U.S. is strictly against the law. Subsequently, CaseGuard Studio’s automatic video redaction software also utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and redact faces within video recordings in a fraction of the time as it would take to do so using manual methods.

Redaction for healthcare

As a patient within the U.S. will provide their healthcare providers with various forms of personal information when receiving treatment or undergoing a medical procedure, these providers have an obligation to ensure that this information remains secure and confidential at all times. Subsequently, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as various other federal healthcare regulations, mandate that healthcare professionals safeguard the Electronic Health Information (EHI) and Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) of their numerous patients, lest they face significant fines and disciplinary actions.

That said, while healthcare professionals can also use CaseGuard Studio’s automatic PDF redaction feature to obscure EHI and PHI that may be contained within physical or electronic documents, the software also contains automatic image redaction. As healthcare professionals around the world rely on medical imaging to both diagnose and treat their numerous patients, these photographs also serve as personally identifiable information. Correspondingly, CaseGuard Studio’s automatic image redaction software feature implements artificial intelligence to automatically redact personal objects and information from images, giving healthcare professionals the ability to protect this data from unauthorized use.

Data privacy is one of the most pressing issues that governments, businesses, and individuals around the globe currently face. Due to this fact, the team at CaseGuard Studio is committed to providing consumers with a wide range of redaction features that will allow them to protect their personal data and privacy in the manner that they see most fit. While the financial, educational, and healthcare industries are just three common examples of the applications of CaseGuard Studio’s software, any business that needs to protect the privacy of their customers should invest in such software, as the risks of being exposed to a security breach far outweigh the cost of any software program.

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