Automatic Transcription, A New Standard for Business

Automatic Transcription, A New Standard for Business

While many consumers may associate transcription services with niche markets, such as specific topics within a particular industry or academic setting, new technological advances in regards to transcription have allowed for the service to be used in more effective ways and more general contexts. For example, secretaries have historically taken notes during business concerning the topics that were discussed, as well as the people who led these conversations. Moreover, said secretaries would then have the added pressure of having to make these notes available to other members of their staff. However, through the use of transcription services, secretaries can now record these meetings, upload said meetings to an automatic transcription software program, and then have the same transcription work done automatically. While this is only one example, transcription can play a pivotal role in business in numerous ways.

Transcription can be used to improve SEO strategies

When looking to improve the search engine optimization or SEO results of the website of your business or organization, transcription services can prove to be an invaluable tool and resource. As search engines are looking to prioritize valuable information when determining the SEO ranking of a particular website, using a transcription service to enhance the text content of your website can be extremely beneficial. For instance, you may want to create content for your website based on ideas that are discussed in a meeting amongst your coworkers. Instead of manually writing these ideas down, you can then record them, transcribe them, and then edit the conversation down to the most salient points. Furthermore, you can also add keywords to your transcription content, allowing you to improve the quality of your writing and in turn, your SEO ranking.

Transcription can be used to provide access to hearing-impaired people

Transcription services can also be used to provide hearing-impaired people with access to audio content. For example, sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 mandates that the content that government agencies and educational institutions provide on their respective websites be accessible to people with disabilities. While the provisions of the Rehabilitation Act largely apply to businesses and organizations that are federally funded, many other organizations have also taken steps to prioritize accessibility in relation to their online presence. As such, transcription services can be an effective way to improve the accessibility of a particular website, as audio content can be easily converted into a readable format at the click of a button.

Transcription services can be used to provide a reference to video or audio content

For businesses that make use of an extensive amount of video or audio content in the offering of their services via online websites, transcription services can also be used as a reference point to provide greater context or understanding for said video or audio content. For example, an IT company may post a video on their website explaining how to use a particular software feature. By transcribing the video and providing consumers with access to said transcription on their website, they could reach even more potential customers by providing them with multiple ways to engage with the information that they are offering. Additionally, these transcriptions can also help businesses improve their customer service capabilities, as transcription services can also be used to help answer commonly asked questions in relation to video or audio content.

While transcription is an ancient process that dates back to the origins of written language, developments in regards to machine learning technology and algorithms have enabled the creation of automatic transcription software programs. Using such software programs, consumers can easily tailor the results to fit their unique needs. As these programs perform via automatic functionality, business professionals can also save valuable time, as they can continue to multitask and complete other objectives while their audio context is being transcribed. More importantly, however, the advent of automated transcription allows for transcription services to be used in a wider variety of business contexts, as organizations no longer need to look to the expertise of a human transcriptionist when looking for high-quality transcription work.

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