Video Analytics & Audio Analysis

Video Analytics & Audio Analysis

Video files keep tripping us up. Are we seeing what we’re seeing? Or will our tools reveal something our eyes aren’t catching? Audio files present even more problems. Factor in background noise, external and internal interference, environmental noise, movement, and soon both types of files, and even both types combined, present unimaginable problems that now become your responsibility to solve. Where do you turn to?

Service Providers

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of service providers who would love to work on your files and charge you exuberant fees that touch five figures per file. Pretty soon your budget is eviscerated because of six public records requests, and you have ten more months in your budget cycle.

The work comes back, and then you find out that it’s not all done, because they missed things, or they tried to improvise for an enhancement that they said they could make, but they couldn’t make it work. Then you’re left with these options: a different service provider to pick up the pieces, or start at the beginning, or send it back to the original service provider, and expect them to fix what they couldn’t do to begin with. What a fantastic set of options that proves to be.


Of course, the next logical choice is an investment in software that is capable to accomplish the work. You can find video software, but rarely will it have all the audio redaction and enhancement tools you need to process the file in the manner required.

Then you can buy additional audio software, and because you’re looking for software that’s very specialized, you can be assured it’s going to cost a premium. The software you’re now looking for is something typically found in recording studios, radio stations, and post-production suites in audio and video production – in other words, high-dollar businesses. And with that, comes the high dollar price tags.

Now your budget is really suffering because you’re so far into the red over public record requests, and you haven’t acquired enough resources to successfully complete the first one. What can be done, realistically?

Video Analytics by CaseGuard Studio

The developers at CaseGuard heard about these problems over and over again. Like you, they grew frustrated with the problem. And in usual CaseGuard fashion, they got busy solving for it. After working on client’s video and audio files themselves, and seeing how body-worn and dash-mounted devices can ultimately corrupt the product they are recording, CaseGuard’s staff realized that one way of settling these issues was to create an analytics tool that works on the file as it’s being loaded into CaseGuard Studio.

Rather than relying on the interpretation of audio by another person, CaseGuard Studio provides text analytics of the file, which then produces fully transcribed text files of your project, which can be used to mirror the file while you work and review it, used to insert captioning, to place linked transcription in a convenient guide box at the bottom portion of the frame, and many other options that CaseGuard staff continue to add to.

CaseGuard Studio has over a dozen languages added to the software, and has all the audio tools you could possibly need to restore audio clarity, and enhance voices and other sounds, while also using object tracking and recognition tools to follow all the action, down to simple hand movements, in a given video. And did we mention that all these things are available in one software product, for one price?

How Does It Work?

We briefly mentioned that our analytics function couples with file loading in our software. Using our expansive language library, each file loaded into the program is indexed, searched, logged, and analyzed beyond the mere existence of the file. As always, CaseGuard Studio authenticates every file loaded into the software, but our analytics function goes beyond the usual, creating data files that are intrinsically linked to your file or project, and remain in the background until you decide to access them.

Analytic measure occurs multiple times, ensuring that the file has been accurately evaluated throughout. Once you decide to access that data, it’s simple as pushing one button, and the results are immediately available at your disposal, for whatever work you are choosing to complete.

To reiterate, this work is being done for you, without prompt. Using the results of this tool is up to you. The results are there, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Want to redact a specific word used throughout a video file? Use the analytics file to locate that word in the data file, and apply clean redaction to that word, which will then be used in the video file to silence the word when it is spoken, instantly.

Want to enhance a subject’s voice from a cacophony of noise? Highlight their words in the analytics file, place markers in the video, and then apply CaseGuard Studio’s many tools to quiet noise and enhance their voice.

Watch in Action


CaseGuard Studio is built with one mission in mind: revolutionizing the process of answering public record requests, public affairs, court requests, evidence exhibits, and every other multimedia need that affects public safety, criminal justice, and other government needs.

School districts, hospitals, law firms, and many other service-oriented industries need an array of tools to help their clients, and CaseGuard Studio is their torch in a long, dark tunnel. it’s time for you to simplify your fiscal footprint, while expanding your capabilities.

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