Automatically Redact Faces with Masks

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Have people worn masks in your video? CaseGuard can detect and redact them with a couple of clicks. Watch how this fun couple is dancing at their wedding with their masks on. It’s fun to watch!

How did we redact their faces? In this example, we opened the video in CaseGuard. With one click, we applied our Automatic Detection algorithms and applied a blur faces redaction effect.  You’ll see that CaseGuard’s intelligent video redaction software is perceptive, capturing faces with masks from a variety of angles and redacting each thoroughly.

Best of all, our powerful software harnesses AI and machine learning to identify and redact masked and unmasked faces, computer screens, license plates, documents and paper, and other objects automatically.

You can use it for so many purposes, which is why hundreds of organizations use CaseGuard for their video redaction needs.