How To Comply With Privacy in Retail Businesses

How To Comply With Privacy in Retail Businesses

Surveillance and Privacy Compliance

There are many benefits to having a surveillance system in retail business locations. The cameras deter crime, help catch thieves, protect the business and employees, build a level of trust for both consumers and employees alike and surveillance systems even lower the overall cost of insurance premiums. Today, most retail establishments have some surveillance equipment.

When making decisions regarding installing a new surveillance system, the first thing to address is a privacy compliance checklist. It is even recommended that a walk-through with a privacy specialist help with the placement of cameras, understanding video data, and developing comprehensive policies to protect consumer privacy.

Is Surveillance Right For You?

Two security cameras facing opposite directions on the corner of a building.

To help understand a variety of concerns, the following list of questions can help your company make the right decisions and protect your company’s valuable reputation.

Redaction and PII

Any data that will be stored for any given period will have to be protected. CaseGuard offers an intelligent automated redaction system that can redact (blackout) data in real-time. Keeping this data in its edited version helps protect personally identifiable information regarding your consumers from being lost, even during a data breach. Though criminals usually create a violation of company data, as a retailer, you are ultimately responsible for any loss. Loss of the personal data of your consumers can carry hefty penalties from various government agencies at state and federal levels—penalties for failing to protect the data and for leaking the information to known or unknown sources.

Protecting your company’s reputation is the number one priority. It is far easier to keep your customers’ trust than to repair a problem that caused them to lose faith in your business. Redacting (blurring) video data is an easy solution to protecting everyone. For law enforcement, some methods and applications can reverse the redaction or encryption if necessary.

Choose Your System Wisely

On top of keeping your company’s reputation intact and protected, the CaseGuard redaction software includes additional built-in features that will make streamlining privacy controls of all your data and documents easy.

It is crucial when considering your surveillance solutions to have a quality data redaction system like CaseGuard. Protecting your company’s integrity is priceless. Having an easy-to-use solution that works across all your digital files and helps to expand the reach of your business opportunities is an invaluable asset. Be sure to walk through all decisions regarding the installation of your surveillance system with a privacy professional. The privacy professional can also help explain redaction processes and help you choose the appropriate design, applications, and setup. Make a choice to include CaseGuard as part of your reputation and privacy management.

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