Bulk Email Redaction

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Does your company or business have thousands of emails that need to be redacted? Have you found that manually redacting these emails takes far too much time and effort to be economically sustainable? Despite their best efforts, many businesses that handle mass amounts of email communication will struggle to redact all sensitive information from these emails effectively. For health care facilities, law firms, and other businesses that communicate through email messages, the task of redacting all personally identifiable information can prove to be a harrowing task. With CaseGuard Studio, our cutting-edge software harnesses machine learning and advanced AI technology to automatically redact sensitive information from email messages that may be shared with the public. Every day, its algorithms are trained to have the system improve upon itself, gradually becoming more efficient and accurate over time.

In the example shown above, CaseGuard Studio is able to redact all personal information from bulk email messages in a matter of minutes, including dates and times, social security numbers, emails, names, and phone numbers, among a host of others. Without seeing this sensitive information when managing bulk emails, you will no longer have to worry about your business violating compliance regulations such as HIPAA when dealing with clients, customers, or patients alike.