Laura Cullum

Laura Cullum

Records Clerk

I’ve been utilizing CaseGuard Studio for about six years now, primarily for redacting videos and audio, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for us. Dealing with sensitive information day in and day out, especially in law enforcement, you have to have a solid, reliable redaction tool, and CaseGuard has more than met our needs.

Back in the day, we were using different software just to blur faces and licenses from our videos, a process that was time-consuming and tedious. However, since integrating CaseGuard into our operations, the process has become significantly more streamlined. What previously consumed two full days of work can now be accomplished within a matter of hours. One of the most significant benefits we’ve experienced is the substantial time savings.

With CaseGuard’s AI features, we’ve been able to significantly reduce the time spent on these tasks, allowing us to focus on more pressing matters. Additionally, the ability to cut, drop, and edit video segments within the platform has greatly enhanced our workflow. Furthermore, the diverse array of options for redaction effects and audio redactions has proven invaluable in ensuring the integrity of our content.

Moreover, the transcription feature within CaseGuard’s audio redaction has been particularly beneficial. I can apply mute and bleep to the transcriptions that the software prepared for me for long-hour files, which saves a lot of time and energy.

Overall, CaseGuard has completely transformed how we do things. It’s efficient, accurate, and adaptable, making it our go-to tool. It’s not just about saving time (though that’s a big thing); it’s about making our workflow smoother and more efficient. I wholeheartedly endorse CaseGuard as a reliable solution for anyone seeking to streamline their redaction processes.