4K 360 Video DC to Rosslyn Bike Ride – Redacted

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360 videos have changed the way we view content. With 4k quality and a panoramic view, 360 videos can achieve both an artistic and technical quality that has never been seen before. These videos can capture everything around a camera in such a small amount of time. They provide viewers with a viewing experience that can not be received through any other kind of medium. Despite the power of the 360 video format, such recordings do present a new challenge in terms of personal privacy. As these videos capture so much footage, they are bound to capture people and personal information that cannot be released to the public without first being redacted.

Despite the fact that many members of the public may not expect to have their privacy rights upheld as it pertains to video recording, this perception is sure to change in the coming years as people continue to record other members of society with an ever-increasing frequency. However, through the power of automatic video redaction, the privacy of American citizens can be protected at all times.

Using CaseGuard Studios’ automatic video redaction software, consumers can easily redact personal information from 360 video recordings in a matter of minutes. CaseGuard Studio makes use of industry-leading artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to deliver the highest quality of video redaction software on the market today. No matter the number of objects in a video or the personal information a 360 video may contain, CaseGuard Studios software can completely redact it automatically, without any additional action needed from the user. With CaseGuard Studio in hand, consumers can ensure that they film responsibly when using their camera, smartphone, or tablet to record others in public. Watch the video above and learn how hundreds of organizations across law enforcement, healthcare, education, government, aviation, transportation, and financial services use CaseGuard for their video redaction, audio redaction, image redaction, and PDF redaction needs.