Keyword Search | The Best PDF Redaction Tool

Keyword Search | The Best PDF Redaction Tool

Redacting documents can be a total time hazard. Reading line by line, comparing notes that a supervisor provided to the document they want redacted, and then trying to keep all that in rhythm while applying redaction, all leads to mistakes, missed redactions, and ultimately more work as the records requests pile up, and previous work returns to your desk for correction.

CaseGuard has become aware of this problem and has been busy developing tools to address it. Let’s talk about one of those tools today, Keyword Search.

What Is a Keyword?

Not that anyone needs a reminder, but the definition of a keyword is a word of great significance. The concept is easy enough; words that have serious value to a given document. In web applications, these words are used to link to search results, making a webpage or specific contents easier to be found in the search results, and thus a given webpage starts receiving traffic.

This method is known as ‘selective’ keywording, where only certain words are highlighted for the additional use in search engines.

CaseGuard Studio uses ‘full’ keywording, where all words in a document are analyzed as keywords, and then indexed to the document in a data file, much like an exif file. This is quite like the indexing function that Microsoft Word uses for keyword searches, where you can search an entire file for a word, and the instances of it are brought up into a queue, where you can scan each instance.

Why is this Important?

When it comes to document redaction, anyone doing this work can tell you that when redaction is requested, there is usually a keyword pattern involved. While it won’t account for all redaction, using keywords can bring up virtually any sentence you are looking up words in a document and make redactions very quickly.

But the real importance comes from the data file CaseGuard Studio creates. While Word allows you to search an entire document for a word or even a partial word, CaseGuard Studio allows for you to review the keyword document side by side with the document you are redacting, and you can look at each instance of a word while interactively applying redactions.

How Does It Work?

As pointed out, CaseGuard Studio conducts multiple analysis of each file entered into the software, and compiles data files based on the content in the file.

These data files create a roadmap for your convenience, in and around each file, so that you can find the information you need to look at now and make determinations regarding redaction.

Keywording is a very simple tool that organizes your workflow and reduces your labor time and costs to get the perfectly redacted document you are after.

But there’s a bonus to this feature in CaseGuard Studio; it provides an additional data file as part of your redaction project that can be used to authenticate the contents of the original file.

If a document is ever called into question, you have the ability to answer everything that could be possibly asked by re-opening your project, printing the generated data files, which are available in easy to read file and document formats so that third parties can verify the authenticity of the document in question.

What Else Can Keyword Search Do?

With Keyword Search becoming a front-running tool within CaseGuard Studio, the application of its utility is sure to be boundless.

This tool becomes critical when it comes to analyzing audio files and transcription tasks.

As audio analysis of the file is complete, the transcription file, and the translation file become searchable using the keyword function. This means that you can use Keyword Search to redact and enhance audio and video files and do so in very specific terms.

It can be difficult to redact audio using the raw audio track. Sometimes there can be competing audio in the track, or other noise that causes issues with isolation. But with employing Keyword Search, you can find the specific words you need to redact every single time, and know that the work has been completed, and you won’t need to revisit it, ensuring that all the selected dialogue has been redacted in full.

Watch in Action


CaseGuard Studio is ready to be your one stop software for redaction work. From law enforcement, public health, prosecutors’, hospitals, insurance companies, and everyone in between, CaseGuard Studio is designed with your mission in mind, and can solve your redaction challenges.

Audio and document redaction concerns have been completely solved with the latest installment of tools, particularly Keyword Search.

But CaseGuard Studio goes even further – by providing more tools that you can use at your disposal to verify a file, a document, or any other aspect of your mission.

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