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With the advent of 360 videos, consumers can now record everything that is going around them, giving viewers of these videos the experience and impression of being there while the video was recorded. Despite this amazing technology, 360 videos pose a different challenge in terms of redaction. As a 360 video captured on a busy street will undoubtedly pick up various license plates, faces, vehicles, and other forms of personal information, redacting such videos manually is all but impossible.

However, with the use of CaseGuard Studios’ automatic video redaction software, 360 videos can be effectively redacted and subsequently released to the public. With CaseGuard, our cutting-edge software harnesses machine learning and advanced AI technology to effectively redact all forms of personal information within video recordings, even in a complex 360 video. In the video shown above, the various license plates and faces contained with the recording are effectively redacted, despite the various 360 camera angles and the resolution in which the video was recorded.