Mind blowing AI Technology in Video Redaction Software

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Redacting faces in video footage can be a challenging task. Especially when you’re trying to redact the faces of a street performer and his audience as cars pass by them. Seems almost impossible to do correctly, right? Not so. CaseGuard’s automatic video redaction software harnesses AI and machine learning to identify and redact faces instantly, no matter how many cars, flying objects are nearby them.

In this example, we’ve labeled each face that was automatically redacted, so you can see just how accurate our video redaction software is. You’ll see that CaseGuard’s intelligent video redaction system is perceptive, capturing faces from a variety of angles and redacting each thoroughly.

How does it work? CaseGuard uses AI and machine learning. Every day, its algorithms are trained on complex footage and data, so that the system improves upon itself, getting more and more accurate each day.

Smarter redaction systems save time, money, and make complying with even the most tricky privacy regulations easy. To learn about all that CaseGuard to do with video, check out its features on CaseGuard video redaction software.