Automatically Redact South American License Plates

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Automatically redacting South American license plates is painless with CaseGuard Studio. For law enforcement, schools, transportation providers, healthcare providers, and other businesses that store video footage, the redaction process for a short video can take hours when done manually.

That changes with CaseGuard Studio. Our powerful software harnesses AI and machine learning to identify and redact South American license plates instantly. Best of all, it can handle faces, computer screens, notebooks and paper, and other objects automatically.

How does it work? CaseGuard leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning. Every day, its algorithms are trained, so that the system improves upon itself, getting more and more accurate each day.

In this example, you’ll see that CaseGuard’s smart all-in-one redaction system is able to capture South American license plates from a variety of angles and redact each of them completely, no matter how the shot was taken.