Automatically Redact Resumes to Avoid Unconscious Bias

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When reading someone’s resume, have you ever had to question whether you made the hiring decision based solely on skills and experience? Despite their best efforts, some HR professionals may struggle to look past an applicant’s race, sex, religion, or age. For educators, business professionals, and financial institutions that handle written data, the process of ensuring that the right candidate is hired can be complicated.

With CaseGuard, our cutting-edge software harnesses AI and machine learning to analyze and redact thousands of resumes in Word and PDF formats. Every day its algorithms are trained to have the system improve upon itself, gradually getting more accurate over time.

In the example above, CaseGuard Studio was able to analyze text in hundreds of resumes accurately and automatically detect all personal identifying information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, pictures, and universities, among others, in a matter of seconds.

Without seeing this identifiable information in a job seeker’s resume, you no longer have to worry about unconscious bias undermining your ability to hire the most qualified candidate for the job.