Automatically Redact European License Plates

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Redacting European license plates has never been easier. For law enforcement, schools, hospitals, and other businesses that store video, the redaction process for a busy video can take hours when done manually. With CaseGuard, our powerful software harnesses AI and machine learning to identify and redact European license plates, faces, computer screens, and other objects automatically.

How does it work? CaseGuard uses AI and machine learning. Every day, its algorithms are trained, so that the system improves upon itself, getting more and more accurate each day.

Smarter redaction systems save time, money, and make complying with privacy regulations such as GDPR easy.

In this example, one minute of a video contains more than 10 thousand license plates. Imagine if you had to redact them one by one! You’ll see that CaseGuard’s intelligent video redaction system is perceptive, capturing European license plates from a variety of angles and redacting each thoroughly, no matter how the shot was taken.