Join The CaseGuard Team at The 2023 NATIA Conference

Join The CaseGuard Team at The 2023 NATIA Conference

Are you attending the 2023 National Technical Investigators’ Association Conference in Houston, TX, this July? If you are, we can’t wait to connect with you! CaseGuard is sending three phenomenal team members to meet law enforcement and military community members who will be in attendance to answer questions and demonstrate the extraordinary power of the all-in-one redaction solution, CaseGuard Studio.

Stop by booth 628 at the NATIA exhibition from July 11th to July 13th to learn about CaseGuard Studio. Explore how the software can help your team in solving crimes faster through redacting and enhancing videos, images, audio files, and documents.

We promise a fun and enlightening experience for anyone who dares to stop by! While we would like to keep our presentation a surprise, expect a glimpse of the future through a take on advanced science at booth 628 🙂

Meet Our Team

Shorouk headshot

Shorouk Mansour
CTO | Senior Software Engineer

Shorouk has over 15 years of extensive experience in web development, third-party integration, interactive content design, and search engine optimization. Shorouk’s favorite flavor of ice cream is pistachio, and her sense of humor makes Shorouk a favorite amongst the CaseGuard team.

caseguard team member headshot - Nika

Nika (Bekavac) Balaguer
Sales Manager

Nika holds a BS in psychology from Saint Louis University. Nika loves vanilla bean ice cream, hanging out with her cats, and going on coffee runs with her co-workers.

Zainab Headshot

Zainab Malik
Technical Project Manager

Zainab is a recent graduate from Wesleyan University, where she earned a BA in economics. She’s multi-lingual, was voted “most talkative” in an office poll, and prefers strawberry ice cream, but mango is a close second.

Why CaseGuard Studio is Great for Investigators

Beyond a comprehensive all-in-one redaction software, CaseGuard Studio is equipped with 28 enhancement features that remain an invaluable tool to members of law enforcement agencies. Designed to identify objects better, officials have been able to solve crimes with CaseGuard’s capability to enhance facial features, tattoos, license plates, and other identifying features to aid police officers in the pursuit of justice.

One of our oldest clients Krissie Lagana, from the Records Bureau of the Wichita Police Department, said:

“Through my journey, I found myself using CaseGuard software to benefit the Police Department in ways other than redactions. Ultimately, solving crimes is one of the major functions of the Police Department. I was able to use the enhancement feature built into CaseGuard to assist our detectives in identifying individuals. CaseGuard, along with good detective work, we have been able to solve crimes. As a department we have been able to enhance facial features, tag and vehicle information, and tattoos. This list will continue to grow as the needs of the department present themselves.”

You can read the full testimonial here.

In the featured video, we demonstrate the process of applying multiple enhancement effects on images, which result in the restoration of illegible license plates, even in difficult conditions such as distance and low lighting. With a wide range of 28 enhancement effects alongside exceptional Manual and AI redaction capabilities, CaseGuard offers Law Enforcement officials a unique solution. Object enhancements in tandem with redaction effects have made law enforcement agencies love CaseGuard! Within one software, they can redact specific objects or people for privacy reasons and enhance or highlight evidence to present in court instantly!

Please watch the video in full-screen mode to get an idea of some of the enhancement features we have in CaseGuard Studio.

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Remember to stop by booth 628 at the NATIA conference this July and say [redacted]!

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