Krissie Lagana

Krissie Lagana

Records Bureau - Wichita Police Department

The practical and real-life uses of CaseGuard redaction software. I have the pleasure of using CaseGuard for almost a year now. I found CaseGuard to be a major asset to our Police Department. 

Redaction is a necessary tool that goes hand in hand with body-worn videos. I found myself struggling with the daunting task of redacting videos, as my only redaction tool was extremely time consuming, inaccurate, and not user friendly. 

I began my journey researching what redaction software programs were available and were able to try demos from different companies. This gave me practical experience with different products. My favorite by far was CaseGuard. I found CaseGuard to be user friendly. I didn’t have to learn new terminology to use the system. I was able to quickly navigate myself through the software and started redacting right away. With CaseGuard I was able to quickly, efficiently, and accurately redact videos. I used the software to not only redact body camera video, but also surveillance videos. 

Through my journey, I found myself using CaseGuard software to benefit the Police Department in ways other than redactions. Ultimately, solving crimes is one of the major functions of the Police Department. I was able to use the enhancement feature built into CaseGuard to assist our detectives in identifying individuals. CaseGuard, along with good detective work, we have been able to solve crimes. As a department we have been able to enhance facial features, tag and vehicle information, and tattoos. This list will continue to grow as the needs of the department present themselves. 

The customer service with CaseGuard is above any other company. I always get a hold of a knowledgeable staff member who is friendly and willing to go above and beyond to help me with my situation. Many situations I come across are situationally unique and I need someone who is knowledgeable to help me with my unique situation. 

I am very proud to be a customer of CaseGuard. I look forward to growing and expanding with the company as it grows and evolves with body-worn cameras.