CaseGuard Studio is a local application that you install on your local computers. When using CaseGuard Studio redaction software, all the videos and their processing is happening locally on your computers and nothing is being processed or stored on the cloud.

CaseGuard Studio contains hundreds of effects than can be applied to any video, audio, or image files. Blurring and pixilation are just two effects that are used for video redaction but you can apply other effects to enhance videos and images. The list of available effects is growing with every release of the product which happens quarterly 4 times a year.

CaseGuard Studio has the ability to redact & enhance any video file, any audio file, and any image. There is no limit to the types of files that can be processed in CaseGuard Studio. Over a hundred file types have been tested in CaseGuard Studio and we continue to add support for more files as they become available.

Yes, CaseGuard Studio can work in a standalone mode independent from other CaseGuard products. It can also be used in an integrated mode with DigitalGuard and WearableGuard. Integration is seamless where files don’t need to be download and uploaded back and forth as you’re redacting or enhancing each file.

Yes, in keeping with our clients’ needs, CaseGuard offers support during regular business hours as well as 24/7 support options.

CaseGuard fully supports multiple languages and localizations. Five languages are already built in, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Arabic. And, more languages are now being added.

Yes, CaseGuard Studio is a “safe and quiet neighbor,” application and can co-exist with any other applications on the same server without derogating the server resources. It can also be installed on its own server, but there is no need to purchase a new server.