How a Healthcare Provider automatically redacted decades of medical records

How a Healthcare Provider automatically redacted decades of medical records

Removing personal or protected information from medical records is always a sensitive issue, and oftentimes the process of redacting them is a complicated one.

Anyone who works in the health care system in any way, shape, or form must comply with the Healthcare Portability and Accountability Act. That means healthcare providers have to create and store individual patient records in a secure manner to ensure confidentiality, security, and privacy for patients.

Redaction software makes it easy to thoroughly remove all personal health information from all documents, lab reports, correspondence, and patient records.

“We can redact sensitive information from electronic medical records so quickly. We can redact all protected health information in an electronic medical record, image, recording or video in moments.”

A redaction system that transforms your workflow

Healthcare providers are pressured to deliver results quickly and safely. On top of providing care to patients, providers have to ensure the patient’s protected health information is kept confidential and stored securely. It’s a big task with big consequences for failing to do it right.

Failing to properly redact protected health information can lead to significant fines ranging from $100 to $50,000 per violation or per record. That’s why healthcare providers like Jessica Trotman use CaseGuard.

In Jessica Trotman’s case, her office was responsible for redacting videotaped telehealth sessions, medical images, patient records, and more. Finding a complete redaction system that could handle every record from a patient was a must-have.

With CaseGuard, Jessica could upload every type of file from a patient into the software and start automatically redacting each file instantly. Because the files were stored in a project, Jessica didn’t have to worry about collecting files manually from multiple software pieces.

A flexible solution for all users

Jessica’s office has records specialists, scribes, healthcare providers, researchers, and more on staff. All have their own redaction needs. For example, staff needed to:

CaseGuard’s redaction system ensures these files are protected and not compromised. Its simple workflows make redacting even the most complex file take just a few clicks.

An increase in redaction processing

Since purchasing CaseGuard, Jessica’s office has increased the number of files they’ve redacted tenfold. This has ushered in a new era of productivity for her organization. They’ve redacted 228 files a week on average.   

Their current mix of document redaction includes video files, audio files, PDFs, and images.

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