Video Redaction Technology Has Evolved

Everybody’s been talking recently about video redaction. Instead of talking, We thought it’s probably better to show you what you can do and how easy it is today to redact video and audio files with virtually no training.

You can watch any of the following videos by clicking on it or simply watching it on youtube on CaseGuard YouTube Channel

Face Blurring

CaseGuard video redaction software allows users to detect and redact faces and other objects from any video with just few clicks. Smart redaction algorithms easily detect, track, and blur any object in any video as well as the ability to mute and bleep any audio segment in any video or audio file. Simply, draw a circle around the face, hit play, and let the software do the work for you.

Objects Tracking

With a click or two, let CaseGuard video redaction software smart algorithms track and blur any object in any video. It supports all types of video files, audio files, and images.

Face Pixilation

It’s really simple, just draw a box or circle around the face or object you want to pixilate and click play. CaseGuard video redaction software smart algorithms will do the rest. it will follow the objects or faces across the video and apply any effect you want to them.

Face Cropping

Just like blurring or pixilation, just highlight the object or face you want to crop and click play. CaseGuard video redaction software is using smart redaction algorithms to find faces and crop them. You can also watch the results in an easy to use compare monitor.

911 Audio Redaction – Bleep

Bleeping audio files or audio in video files can be done within seconds.

911 Audio Redaction – Mute

With few simple point and click steps, Certain information has been redacted and muted from this audio 911 sample call

If you like to read more about CaseGuard Redaction Software, please visit CaseGuard Studio Product Page

Be safe out there!