Mike Snell

Mike Snell

Police Records

My experience with CaseGuard started in March of 2017. They had been working with my agency since September of 2016, but I didn’t come into the mix until March. We had a demonstration provided, and I was blown away. I remember thinking to myself “This can’t *possibly* work that well – this is a demo, of course, they’re going to show their software under ideal conditions!”

They must have known what I was thinking, because we then used “real world” bodycam video’s and we used videos with a variety of light levels, action levels, etc – and the software, while not perfect (nothing ever is) is at least 3-4x better than what I was using previously, for redaction. 

For example – I was tasked to do “time trials” – how long it took to redact video’s using the “old” method versus CaseGuard. CaseGuard is faster at the actual redacting process, more accurate, easier to use, and used far fewer keystrokes, 100% of the time. (Now, think about the time saved, which is money saved, as well as “wear and tear” on the employee doing the redactions. 5000 separate keystrokes to redact a video, or 20? Which would you prefer?) Case in point – a video that took me 4 hours to redact using the “old” method, took me an hour and 5 minutes using CaseGuard. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The folks I have been in contact with, are very responsive to requests for assistance, extremely knowledgeable, friendly, they have and continue to help me numerous times throughout this process. They are also willing to listen to customer ideas about how to make things better with the program. 

I truly cannot possibly say enough good things about this product, and my experiences with them. I am thrilled with my agency choice to use CaseGuard, so if you are considering getting imaging software for your agency – please, don’t hesitate to give me a call, or send me an email, and I’m happy to tell you my experiences in full detail and answer any “real world” questions you may have.