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Secure, innovative, customizable, multilingual video and audio redaction solutions for law enforcement agencies.

  1. CaseGuard Studio Video Redaction Software

Video Redaction

Advanced Video Redaction Software

Video redaction, audio redaction, face detection, object tracking, image enhancement, and video enhancement tools. Fast and so easy to use, you can master in minutes.

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  1. CaseGuard Studio Audio Redaction Software

Audio Redaction

Audio Redaction Software

Mute, bleep, or re-sample any audio file in minutes including 911 calls and audio from video files.

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  1. CaseGuard Studio PDF Redaction Software

Document Redaction

Document Redaction Software

Redact any PDF document with a click of a button. Search for words & paragraphs to redact or simply redact a whole page or section within any document.

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Multiple Languages
CaseGuard Studio fully supports multiple languages and localizations. 26 languages are already built in including English, Spanish. More languages can be added easily depending on the client needs.

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