Evidence Management Software
  • Unlimited evidence records keeping and tracking
  • Step-by-step Easy Wizard to enter evidence items, cases, and people
  • Chain of custody and history for evidence items, cases, and people
  • Unlimited search capabilities / Unlimited filters
  • Report Builder
  • Electronic Disposition
  • Notification system
  • Evidence transfer capabilities
  • Inventory management system
  • User management system, unlimited number of users and group security layers
  • Design and print unlimited number of barcode labels
  • Statistics reports for higher management
  • Powerful restriction capabilities for sensitive and high profile cases
  • Crime analysis maps
  • Fully customized, with the ability to add or remove any piece of content, including fields and labels
Easy To Use

Finally, an easy way to take control of your evidence. From collection at the crime scene to electronic disposition and everything in between, EvidenceGuard evidence management software gives you the tools you need to minimize human error, maximize efficiency, and use little to no paper in the process.


Very easy to customize. You can make it look and feel exactly how you’d like for your department. You can easily add, remove, or rename any field in any form within the system. You can set up the reports, the notification system, the filters, the statistics, the user groups and the permissions to meet your needs.


Multiple security layers are built into EvidenceGuard for added security and control. We are proud to say that we meet or exceed all applicable CJIS security standards.

Ready for Integrations

EvidenceGuard application program interface (API) is the best experience and the easiest way to integrate with other systems. EvidenceGuard API allows you to send and recieve information from third parties working with your agency.


It all starts with CaseWizard. A step by step, easy to use case data entry system that most users can master in just a few minutes. CaseWizard can handle all your case and evidence entry needs. Human error is minimized with CaseWizard. If a mistake is detected, CaseWizard will stop the user and indicate what needs to be fixed before continuing. With powerful mapping software, voice recognition technology, printing, and reporting capabilities, CaseWizard will help you eliminate paper and save valuable time.

Google Maps Integration

All addresses and locations in EvidenceGuard are integrated Maps. While entering any address while using EvidenceGuard, a pin will appear on the map pointing to the address entered, along with detailed geographical information, which enables the user to obtain correct addresses and locations every time. Road maps, aerial and satellite views, and zoom capability are all available.

Evidence Statistics
Chain of Custody

With just a click or two of the mouse, EvidenceGuard allows you to view and print entire case histories, review involved persons histories, evidence items histories, their chains of custody, and much, much more. EvidenceGuard’s chain of custody is comprehensive, secure and irreversible for added peace of mind when you’re called to court.

evidence management system chain of custoday
Search Engine

EvidenceGuard was built with a very powerful search engine that allows you to find what you’re looking for as you type it. Eliminate the need for building complex search queries and their mathematical logic. One search box will find your cases, people, items, addresses, and much more in seconds. Every piece of data in the database is searchable through the same, easy to use search engine.

EvidenceGuard evidence management system search engine
EvidenceGuard Responsive Design

EvidenceGuard is crafted using Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology which provides an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation on a wide range of devices, from desktop computer monitors (all sizes) to smart devices and mobile phones. With EvidenceGuard, pick your favorite device, whether it’s a 70” smart TV, a wide computer screen, Tough Pad, or iPhone, the system will be as easy and clear to navigate and use as your computer screen.

EvidenceGuard Mobile

The CaseGuard Mobile App is fully integrated with the EvidenceGuard Management System, whether installed on your agency servers or the cloud, where it’s easy to define permissions and access allowing granular security at all levels. Available in multiple languages and multiple themes to from which to choose, this user friendly application is easy to learn and use and it works on iPhone, iPad, iPod devices and all Android devices. CaseGuard Mobile will allow you to transfer items, collect signatures, and run quarterly or yearly inventory with ease while results are available instantly on your server. The system will keep the chain of custody of every step of the way, automatically, which gives you peace of mind if challenged in court.


Choose your favorite browser. EvidenceGuard is compatible with all web browsers in the market including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

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