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What is Video Redaction?

Redacting a video means removing (blurring or pixelating) any identifying features from any individuals, objects, and any private information. This includes blurring out faces, tattoos, addresses, license plate numbers, computer screens and other sensitive information that may be captured on video. It can also mean removing (by muting or bleeping) any audio that states private information like names, addresses, phone numbers, etc…

What is Audio Redaction?

Redacting audio means removing any identifying features from a recording. CaseGuard offers various redaction modes, including automatic redaction, which makes it possible to find a redact information, ranging from Social Security Numbers (SSN),  Employer Identification Numbers (EIN), phone, and more.

What is PDF Redaction?

PDF redaction is when you remove any information (e.g., phrases, images, entire pages, etc) from a PDF documentation prior to distributing it.

What is Redaction Pool?

The Redaction Pool makes collaboration easy in CaseGuard. It creates a folder to supply files for your staff to automatically pull from for work, and another folder where completed work resides for review and dissemination. Redaction Pool gets rid of the concept of creating projects and adding files to them. Now everyone has a pool of files they work off.

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