About Us

Who We Are

CaseGuard was founded on the belief that redaction software should be easy to use. We believed we could build an all-in-one software that could automate and simplify your video redaction, audio redaction, image redaction, and document redaction workflow—so we did. Headquartered in the DC-area, with regional offices located throughout the country, CaseGuard is proud to to build software that saves time, money, and protects privacy. 

What We Do

CaseGuard builds high-performance applications for redacting video, audio, images, and PDF documents. CaseGuard harnesses AI and machine learning to identify and redact faces, computer screens, license plates, and other objects automatically. CaseGuard's easy to use redaction software finds any word, sentence, or pattern (including emails, phone numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and more) then lets you redact any or all occurrences with a click. 


Vision Background
Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most trusted provider in video, audio, image, document redaction software in the US and around the world. We are proud to serve law enforcement agencies, federal agencies, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, airports, and businesses. 

CaseGuard culture
Our Culture

Our culture is built on our clients cultures and their diversities, engaging the client in every step of the process is a key to any successful solution. Today we are based in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area (DMV) where we house our talented team of problem solvers. Whether we are tackling the latest redaction puzzles or building a new technology to enhance our products and services, we will continue to learn from you. We pride ourselves on being a true partner to our clients.

Our Process


Best practices dictate our technical standards, including software coding standards, tools, and platforms. Our software architects work tirelessly to understand and analyze how CaseGuard can meet all of our customers' needs.


Our User Experience (UX) team studies and evaluates how users feel about CaseGuard's software, so our customers can take advantage of the software’s time-saving features and enjoy using CaseGuard even more.


Our designers know that the design differentiates a good system from a bad one. They brainstorm and spare no effort to come up with the best solutions for everyday problems. Creative skill, past experience, a sense of what makes "good" software, and an overall commitment to quality are what drive our design team forward.


Our talented engineers follow well-defined engineering approaches to problem solving and practice precision, risk mitigation and professionalism when developing every aspect of the solution. At CaseGuard, we invest in our people because we believe that great talent delivers great software.Our engineers are proof of that.


Unit, integration, interface, system, performance, usability, and acceptance are all performed by our high-trained test engineers.  Unsparing in their evaluations, our test engineersspend their time developing new ways to enhance and enrich CaseGuard's redaction software.

CaseGuard Team
Our Team

We believe that if you invest in others, they invest in you. We also believe that a company is only as good as the people working at it, which is why we've built a work culture that supports staff growth, both personally and professionally. Whether we're conducting user research, building a new feature for our customers, or tweaking a complex algorithm, we invite our employees to become the best version of themselves.

CaseGuard Location

Toll: (855) 255-9955
P: (571) 446-4144
1901 N Moore St
Suite 204
Arlington VA 22209
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