Video Redaction

Video Redaction

Advanced Video Redaction Software
  • Video Redaction Software
  • Automatic face/faces detection with automatic redaction
  • Audio redaction for unlimited time slots in any video
  • Automatic object tracking (highlight any object in the video and it will track it automatically and redact it)
  • Manual redaction for multiple objects per frame
  • Crop video picture to any size inside the frames while keeping the audio intact
  • Cut different pieces of any video
  • Rotate video or any part of the a video (90, 180, 270) degrees
  • Extract unlimited number of frames from any video and save them as pictures
  • Extract audio only from any video
  • Watch and record any video in time lapse mode
  • Complete chain of custody and recorded enhancement history


CaseGuard Studio Video Redaction Software
Save Money

Many law enforcement agencies are using private companies to redact and enhance videos simply because they don’t have the tools to do it themselves. The bills keep stacking up with every video they have redacted or enhanced. Use CaseGuard Studio to easily enhance and redact a limitless number of videos and stop paying for each and every file you enhance.

Save Time

Video redaction and enhancement for a 3 minute video used to be difficult and took hours and hours of work. CaseGuard Studio deploys many smart algorithms to turn this operation into a simple, easy, and fast task anyone in your agency can handle with very little effort.

Share with the world

Thousands of law enforcement agencies are already using body cameras. The public seem to think that if video is not provided by law enforcement agencies, they must be hiding something. The public, and often the media, often don’t realize that law enforcement agencies are simply trying to protect victims, suspects, witnesses, or informants identities. Use CaseGuard studio to redact faces, license plates, addresses, voices, metadata, and more. Respond to FOIA requests in a timely manner, share with the media, and your community without having to compromise anyone’s identity.


Just like all CaseGuard products, CaseGuard Studio supports multiple languages and localizations. Five languages are already built in, including Spanish. More languages can be easily added depending on agency needs.

Easy To Use

Learn how to use CaseGuard Studio in minutes! Start enhancing videos, redacting faces, utilizing object detection and object tracking, doing audio redaction, and using other filters. Unlike other video enhancement software, CaseGuard Studio was designed for users without any training or background in film editing.

Video Redaction Made Simple

It's no longer science fiction. Video enhancement is now simple! CaseGuard Studio turns video redaction into a simple task any user can perform with virtually no training. Whether you want to redact faces, addresses, or license plates, it all can be done with a click of a button. Audio redaction is just as simple. And, both video and audio redaction can be performed in one step. watch the samples below:


Face Blurring

Face Pixilation

Face Cropping

Audio Redaction Made Simple

Audio files and 911 calls redaction is just as easy, In just few minutes, you'll be able to mute, bleep, or mute bleep any part of your audio file. Whether you want to redact names, addresses, or any other private information, it all can be done without any training. Steps are recorded and saved in the project file should need to repeat the process or to include in the chain of custody. Listen to the sample below:


Automatic License Plates Redaction

Use CaseGuard Studio to automatically detect and redact license plates in any video in any country around the world. CaseGuard Studio can detect millions of license plates in real time from any visible distance with as much as one click. CaseGuard Studio will also allow you to redact all license plates or enhance them in any video or image.


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