Document Redaction

Document Redaction

Document Redaction Software
  • Redact any PDF document with a click of a button.
  • Search & Redact any word, sentence, or paragraph.
  • Search for patterns like emails, social security numbers, zip code, or credit card number and redact with one click.
  • Redact full page or pages with one click.
  • Redact headers and footers of one page or multiple pages.
  • Supports OCR documents as well as non-OCR documents.
  • Instantly view redaction work with undo and redo functions.
  • Split PDF document into multiple documents.
  • Merge multiple PDF documents into one document.
  • Complete chain of custody and recorded redaction history.
  • View and print reports of redaction work and redaction log.


CaseGuard Studio PDF Redaction Software
Save Money
Save Money

Many law enforcement agencies are using private companies to redact and PDF files simply because they don’t have the tools to do it themselves. The bills keep stacking up with every PDF file they have redacted. Use CaseGuard Studio to easily redact a limitless number of PDF files and stop paying for each and every file you need to redact.

Save Time
Save Time

Some agencies are still redacting PDF files manually by printing the document, redacting the document on paper, then scanning the document back into electronic format. For large documents and complex redaction needs, this could take hours and waste a lot of paper. With CaseGuard Studio, simply highlight the work, sentence, or paragraph you need redaction and get it redacted in one click. CaseGuard Studio deploys many smart algorithms to turn this operation into a simple, easy, and fast task anyone in your agency can handle with very little effort.


Just like all CaseGuard products, CaseGuard Studio supports multiple languages and localizations. Five languages are already built in, including Spanish. More languages can be easily added depending on agency needs.

Easy To Use
Easy To Use

Learn how to use CaseGuard Studio in minutes! Start redacting PDF documents and utilizing many other filters and search algorithms in just few clicks. Unlike other PDF redaction software, CaseGuard Studio was designed for users without any training or background in document editing.

Automatic PDF Analysis and Redaction

Use CaseGuard Redaction Software to automatically analyze your PDF documents to find any word, sentence, or pattern including emails, phone numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and more then redact any or all of them in one click. Redacted documents are available in seconds.



Redact and Watermark PDF Documents

Use CaseGuard Redaction Software to automatically analyze your PDF documents and redact any or all of them in one click. Design any watermark you like and add to any page or document with just few clicks.



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