What training options does CaseGuard offer?

CaseGuard offers online and in-person training.

CaseGuard’s training curriculum is designed to teach users how to use CaseGuard Studio for their own workflows. Over the course of the training session, you will learn:

  • What redaction is and why it’s important.
  • Redaction principles and how they relate to your work in CaseGuard.
  • How to take advantage of CaseGuard’s redaction and editing features.
  • How to organize your redaction projects in CaseGuard.
  • How to redact various file types.
  • Redaction and editing workflows.
  • File processing best practices.
  • How to configure reports in CaseGuard.
  • Best practices for your organization’s specific use cases.
  • How CaseGuard’s redaction resources can help you.

In advance of your training, a training specialist will talk to you about your redaction needs, and design a training module to meet them. Some modules we have provided include:

  • Redacting body camera footage: best practices and troubleshooting video shot in low-light conditions.
  • How to caption video and audio.
  • Editing generated transcripts in CaseGuard.
  • Redacting protected health information in CaseGuard.
  • Setting up CaseGuard for easy collaboration.
  • Using audio analysis and analytics to bulk redact your files.
  • Batch processing: how to make it work for your team at any time of the day.
  • Translating audio and video.