Automated Translation for Retail Power

Automated Translation for Retail Power

It’s a Small World

Modern technology is creating a communications revolution. As the world becomes smaller, the ability to communicate with all possible consumers increases retail sales. The increase is primarily due to making a positive consumer experience. At one time, retail companies focused solely on their local customer base. Today, these same retailers are shipping products across the globe. Pivotal to this change is the rapidly growing economies in far-off places such as China, India, and the Middle East. As countries worldwide develop and expand new retail opportunities, how can retailers maximize their returns in these new growing marketplaces? Retail companies can also benefit from worldwide economic growth with online options, creating new customer and partner relationships quickly.

With today’s changing shopping habits due to a worldwide pandemic, a prolonged recession, at-home shopping opportunities have seen an unprecedented amount of competition. If retail expects to grow and draw in a new consumer population, it is essential to have clear, consistent customer communication. Regularity, communication, correspondence, and customer service options are some of the most critical factors in finding success. If a retail company cannot communicate effectively with everyone, first impressions matter, and the company runs the risk of irreversibly damaging their brand value and reputation. If retail can use communication to be impactful and clear when a new customer shows interest, then the organization leaves a mark on the customer, which is built upon respect.

Speaking Their Language

In every small town in America, many businesses are undoubtedly focused on a more local approach. How a company chooses to include language as part of their customer experience can depend on the type of business and how much communication impacts the bottom line. It should be noted that translations are not only focused on the customer. In every corner of the world, the workforce is ever-increasing multicultural. Having the ability to communicate needs clearly to employees can make the workplace far more functional. For both employees or consumers, growth and prosperity are more easily attained when the business is speaking their language.

On the other side of retail, significant corporations and some of the world’s largest retailers have been taking translation seriously for some time. All customer material, interaction with partner companies and suppliers, and in-house documents for employees are translated into multiple languages across the board. Both business sizes require different types of translation services, but each has something in common, they need to communicate with various cultures, countries, and individuals.

Communications in Real-Time

When communication is exact, precise, and comfortable, the strengths shown by having the ability to be accessible to all languages resounds loudly of quality and respect when at the negotiating table. How would you handle presenting sales figures and charts to a new partner or supplier that could be located across the world? What would you do to guarantee that the money spent to unveil a unique marketing plan is well received and understood? If the only communication to represent a business is only formatted in English, how many other possible customers or partners will you miss?

When a corporation presents a multicultural front, the ability to meet anyone on their level and in their language develops a certain level of trust that can be priceless. It tells the individual that the company cares about them. Before spending millions on a new branding – are you meeting the public with the respect they deserve. Rather than facing your new prospects with confusion and a language barrier, the perceptive and intelligent company will adopt a flexible communication strategy that speaks volumes of their global market capacity. Real-time translation provided by an automated translation and captioning software can offer many great avenues of communication:

The return value for these and many more services that open doors for a business partner or customer are invaluable. From design to product development to supplier to the endpoint with the consumer, the entire workflow becomes tremendously smoother. The friendship that grows between the company and all its communications across the globe creates a value that cannot be bought. The business shines in all aspects of their public messaging.

Retail Trends

No matter your business, if you want to embrace the global marketplace – then localization is critical. For your company to tap into the potential of international retail sales, communication matters. To become more accessible, companies develop multiple versions of their website or online market in a variety of different languages. The number of languages required for accessing the most potential customers is growing. “In 2017, it took 14 languages to reach 90% of the world’s eGDP and 52 languages to reach 99% of the world’s eGDP.”

To grow into a new region, you need to localize more than just language. You need to be able to reach individuals with the ability to communicate in both language and style. Products may be more regional. You want to create a customer experience that feels authentic. Making this change in interaction may involve several significant creative improvements.

Automating the Translation Process

One way to start reaching new global markets is through the translation process. How can you make it easy for your employees to communicate effectively in multiple languages? Having a quality translation software package, like CaseGuard, can automate the translation in every step. Not only does CaseGuard handle privacy and redaction in languages across the world, but it can also be used to translate, transcribe, and add captions to videos. A complete system allows everyone in your company to be on the same page with data no matter the country, region, or physical location.

CaseGuard can use automation to transcribe spoken and written words into most languages used globally. Additional languages can be added at the user’s request. Add enhanced social media videos – live stream to multiple countries globally and have each translated and captioned into their own language. Create excitement about your business and demonstrate leadership in communication. CaseGuard is the software that will globalize your market and make it easy. Get onto the global trend and expand your profit margins.

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