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Looking to redact your own files on regular basis? This is the right option for you.

Our most popular option for organizations with frequent redaction needs.
CaseGuard is an all in one media redaction software. CaseGuard has everything you need to redact and enhance any video, audio, image, or document in one simple redaction solution. If you are looking to redact your own files regularly this is the right option for you.

Get On-Demand Redaction Services

Have a one-time redaction need? Try our on-demand redaction services.

All you need to do is submit a form with the list of requirements and we can get started. We’ll send you a cost estimate for you to review. Once you approve it, you’ll upload your files and our team will get to work. Your files will be delivered in your preferred file format.
Concerned about security? We’ve taken care of that. Your files are private and protected from unauthorized access. All of our employees have signed a nondisclosure agreement and strict confidentiality agreements.

Fast, Accurate, On-Demand Redaction Services

Simple, reliable, and cost-effective.

Our up-to-date technology ensures we can deliver your files quickly and inexpensively.

Video Redaction

Redacted video, on-demand when you need it. Blur out faces, license plates, and screens in any kind of footage. Whether you need to redact one object or a hundred, we can take care of it.

Audio Redaction

Muted/Bleeped audio, instantly. Sensitive data like names, phone numbers, addresses removed. Mute, bleep or resample audio, disguise voices. Let us know what you need and we can make it happen.

Image Redaction

Redact text or objects in any image. Need to have your photos redacted?. Whether your request entails removing part or all of a photo, we can take care of it.

Document Redaction

Sensitive data Redacted. Whether you have personnel records, police records, bank records, medical records, FOIA requests, or any other type of document with sensitive information, CaseGuard can help with sanitizing your documents.

Transcription & Captioning

Closed captioning and transcription, made easy. Get a complete transcript or closed captions for your file quickly. Our team of specialists can caption your videos with 99% accuracy, 100% guaranteed, or your money back.


Translate your files in up to 31 languages. Need to translate an audio or video file? It’s simple. We offer translation for up to 31 different languages and can easily export the translated text into a PDF file or add translated captions to your video.

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Want to get started with on-demand services? It’s no problem. Please add the details of your request here and we will get back to you shortly.

Please be as much specific as you can, for example: I want to redact two faces out of 4 people, redact all license plates and mute personal information from the audio.
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