Extract Images From Videos

Every video or animation you see is made up of thousands of separate images called frames. On average, there are 24-30 frames per second of footage. A one-minute video at 30 frames per second can have 1800 frames!

In CaseGuard, you can extract images from a video using the Take Snapshots from Video Tool.

Extract images from video files

  • Select Take Snapshots from Video from the Toolbar under view options.
  • Using the Player Controls, navigate to the frame you would like to extract. You can either play the video or use left and right arrows to navigate to the frame you want to capture.
  • When you get to the frame that you want to capture, Using your mouse, hover over the video, and click on it to take the snapshot.

CaseGuard export images video

  • A small thumbnail of your snapshot will appear in the Tool Properties Panel below the Player Controls whenever you take a new snapshot.

CaseGuard Export Frames Images

  • Take as many snapshots as you like by clicking over the video using your mouse.
  • Click the Add to Tasks button in the Tool Properties Panel. This will add your extracted frames to the Task List Panel.
  • Click the Process Button from the Shortcuts Bar or from the Task List Panel to process your file.
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