Export video

You can export your file in a wide variety of formats in CaseGuard Studio.

Exporting video in CaseGuard

To preview your work, you can click Play within the player controls to see if all your effects are set as desired.

After you’ve made your adjustments and you’re ready to export your work to a new file, click Process from the Shortcuts Bar or from the Task List Panel to process the file.

This will prompt a popup that will allow you to set up the name of the newly exported file and where you want it to be saved. You can export the file immediately using “Start Now” or you can schedule a time for the export to be done in the future using the schedule field.

CaseGuard Processing popup

Processing time will vary depending on the size of your video and the number of objects and effects in it. You have an option to Schedule Processing after hours.

CaseGuard Processing Bar

After processing is complete, watch your entire video to verify the video is correctly redacted.

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