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In Memory of Police Officer Ismael Chavez

They were doing their job. That is what they were supposed to do. The person was a suspect of the incident, met our officers at the door, and shot at both officers. Both officers suffered fatal wounds; they have both passed away as a result. The officers never had a chance to suspect deadly assault on them, much less death.

In Memory of Police Officer Edelmiro Garza, Jr.

We are weakened for the moment, but the strength and resolve we have to serve our communities, all of us here, will allow us to do what we do every day and what our officers do every day," Rodriguez said. "In the face of adversity, we rise, and we serve nonetheless.

End the Stigma of Mental Health Help for Law Enforcement

Actions to prevent law enforcement suicides, specifically, is long overdue. As first responders, they experience different types of trauma daily. This type of trauma alone should be a warning sign to executives that mandating programs to encourage mental health checks, support groups, and other curricula should be a part of the department.

How Banks Improve Efficiency with Redaction Software

According to the Information Commissioner's Office, businesses including banks have a responsibility to comply with the law, including the use of redaction techniques to protect third-party privacy and facilitate the fulfillment of legitimate SARs and FOIA requests.

In Memory of Police Officer Anthony Dia

Police Officer Anthony Dia's last words were, "Tell my family I love them". "Every day I put on the uniform, it is my intention to protect the weak and innocent in my community from evil," Officer Dia wrote. "I also hope that if I was shot, I was able to take the shooter with me. I hope I died with bravery."

In Memory of Corrections Officer Kenneth Harbin

Corrections Officer Kenneth Harbin was a great correctional officer and a better friend. He always had a smile or a joke to make the day better. Officer Harbin always uplifted those around him and would take time out of his day to make sure you were OK. He was a selfless person and gave all he could to those he loved.

CCPA is Here | Are You Compliant?

It would be in the best interest of your business to get on board. July 1, 2020, is the day that the California AG and all of California's residents will have an opportunity to hold your company to account. Severe financial penalties will now follow failure to comply. There can be lawsuits, state, and consumer fines. For a company handling large amounts of consumer data, a single breach can cost them $2500 per consumer.

In Memory of Police Sergeant Kelvin Dewayne Mixon

Our hearts are heavy with sadness and tears, as we announce the passing of our brother Sgt Kelvin Mixon due to COVID-19, but our memories are full of love and kindness that he gave for over 20 years of service to Edwards Police Department.

In Memory of Police Officer Jason Judd

Police Officer Jason Judd, age 52, had served with the Peoria Police Department for over 21 years. He was a long-time veteran of the department who often engaged in activities with the community and volunteered with youth activities.

In Memory of Sergeant Craig Johnson

Sergeant Craig Johnson had been a brave police officer who had done many activities during his career that earned him awards and made changes to his community. He was presented with a purple heart medal and helped make changes to the law regarding copper metal theft. He had also signed up to donate his organs, his last gift to his community.