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In Memory of Sheriff Louis J. Miesner

Constant monitoring, ratios of inmates to deputies, and host of other security issues were addressed in the aftermath of Sheriff Miesner’s death. This outcome is the best way to honor his death. The best way to remember him, is to never let it happen again.

Digital Evidence Video Resolution

There are many other video resolutions beyond 1080p, like 2K and 4K, and those may eventually get perfected for the type of devices being used in public safety today. However, for the time being, 1080p is your best, and only true option when dealing with cameras. Whether it’s a non-emergency call, an investigation, or a complaint you’re reviewing, the details matter, and you need technology that is presenting all the details.

Digital Evidence Video Frame Rates

Digital evidence video frame rates are an often overlooked topic when discussing the tools used to capture digital evidence. From body worn cameras, to interview room cameras, and everything in between, and beyond, we forget to evaluate devices based on their Frames Per Second rate.

Proper Redaction Matters

If you intend on honoring redaction policies and rules, you are going to need to find better software for conducting redaction work. If not, you’ll just be inviting what happened in the Manafort investigation – redacted documents with top secret information being released to the masses.

In Memory of Chief of Police Keith Judd

Chief Judd had achieved life goals that all of us aim to accomplish in our lives. He was married, and had a child. He was highly respected in his community, and well regarded in the Idaho law enforcement community.

Document Redaction | Electronic Documents Guidelines

The ramifications of redacted information being compromised is dire, especially if the documents in question pertain to an on-going investigation, or provide intelligence concerning previously undetected crime.

Law Enforcement Software | Buying Decisions

As IT needs in law enforcement get more niche and sophisticated, vendors need to play by your rules, not the other way around. If they aren’t going to serve your needs, cancel the contract and get rid of them. They are not worth the tax dollars, or the headache.

Content & Camera Management for Law Enforcement

A brief overview of the relationships between cameras, content, and evidence management shows why these three things need to be symbiotic. Without harmony between these tools, your agency is going to have to work harder, and likely inefficiently, to accomplish results.

In Memory of Officer Thomas Devlin

One could reflect on the tragedy of Officer Devlin. An officer of true character, grit, and determination, who did not allow a massive injury to destroy who he was, and what he could do. In fact, he used his injury to add to the legacy of BCPD.

CaseGuard Document Redaction

CaseGuard is pleased to announce that we added document redaction to CaseGuard Studio. The software is being used by both public records and investigative personnel, and document redaction was a request that both types of clients had been asking for. In marking the release of this powerful addition, we will discuss the varying purposes of document redaction, and how the need for this tool is expanding into a number of functions in law enforcement.