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In Memory of Officer Thomas Devlin

One could reflect on the tragedy of Officer Devlin. An officer of true character, grit, and determination, who did not allow a massive injury to destroy who he was, and what he could do. In fact, he used his injury to add to the legacy of BCPD.

CaseGuard Document Redaction

CaseGuard is pleased to announce that we added document redaction to CaseGuard Studio. The software is being used by both public records and investigative personnel, and document redaction was a request that both types of clients had been asking for. In marking the release of this powerful addition, we will discuss the varying purposes of document redaction, and how the need for this tool is expanding into a number of functions in law enforcement.

Pro-active Patrol | Felony Lane Gang

Simple patrol tactics can make a huge dent in the expectations these brazen criminals have moving forward. The more you can do to disincentivize their efforts, the more likely they are to move onto something else.

Investigations | Commercial Burglaries

Burglaries of commercial property become some of the most creative ventures in criminality that officers receive exposure to. From violent smash and grabs to sophisticated “drywall jobs,” commercial burglary attempts have the stigma of bringing out some of the boldest behavior displayed by criminals. Let’s discuss some of the evidence challenges that present themselves in commercial burglaries.

In Memory of Detective Randolph Holder

The story of Detective Holder, a young man who accomplished the ‘American Dream’, is terribly tragic, there can be no doubt. The City of New York decided to name the intersection where he died in honor of his sacrifice. Perhaps in honoring him this way, where he grew, children there will learn of his story, and recognize that there is a right path in life to take, and in doing so, you will be remembered.

Trauma | The Wounds Left on Officers We Don’t See - Part 2

Understanding that officers, just like everyone else on the planet, suffer from issues concerning family, financial, stress, and other topics, is the first step towards fixing this problem. The second step is creating a list of resources available, and making it known that officers have safe options for navigating their personal and professional challenges is key.

Community Evidence | Citizen Cameras & Evidentiary Concerns

Digital evidence is coming at law enforcement from a number of angles, none more pronounced than various content that citizens provide, whether they are a victim, complainant, witness, or another type of third party. Having the ability to navigate, and mitigate the challenges their content can present in the field is the job of your digital evidence management system.

Law Enforcement Digital Evidence | Open Source & Access Policy

You need to have unrestricted access to the data you are custodian over, and you need it in open source digital evidence file formats so that it’s easy to share with all partners, easy to manage, enhance, or otherwise produce for the various stages of the criminal justice process. Don’t let vendors tell you otherwise. You have to answer to taxpayers, not vendors.

In Memory of Patrolman Raymond Leslie Munson

In World War I, Patrolman Munson survived a battle that involved the deaths of over 6,000 men. From the standpoint of emotional perspective, it’s utterly tragic to think he survived one of the largest battles of The Great War, only to be killed hastily by one bullet fired by coward.

Video Redaction and Enhancement Software

Video redaction and enhancement software has turned from a rare luxury, to a mandatory tool for all law enforcement agencies. From responding to public records requests, to protecting victims, witnesses, confidential informants, and most of all the innocent who happen to be at a scene.