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In Memory of Sergeant Charles Norton

The community is sad to lose a senior officer who had given to them so much of his life. He leaves behind his wife, children, and grandchildren. He was a family man, a community leader, and a local hero. Coworkers, neighbors, friends, and extended family will mourn Sgt. Charles Norton and stand tall beside the family in their grief.

Body-Worn Cameras and Privacy Protection

Since the advent of CCTV (Closed Caption Television) cameras in the 1960s, the move towards changing how police record their actions have come a long way. Originally these cameras were installed in London but became more mobile and deployable into recording high crime areas to help police enforce the law and prevent crime. It was nearly 30 years later that in-car cameras were installed in police vehicles in the late 1980s. By the year 2000, car cameras or dashcams were mainstream enough to be in virtually all new police cars.

In Memory of Sergeant Alvin R. Sugrañes-Lebrón

Sergeant Alvin R. Sugrañes-Lebrón served his community, family, and neighbors by providing safety and protection to all those around him. He served as a member of the Puerto Rico Police Bureau.

Implications of Body-Worn Cameras

Body-worn Cameras or BWCs have seen a dramatic increase in use by law enforcement officers and agencies in the United States and Internationally. These cameras are changing the scope and practices of policing.

Privacy Compliance & Retail Surveillance

There are many benefits to having a surveillance system in retail business locations. The cameras deter crime, help catch thieves, protect the business and employees, builds a level of trust for both consumers and employees alike, and surveillance systems even lower the overall cost of insurance premiums. Today, most retail establishments have some surveillance equipment.

In Memory of Deputy Sheriff Angela Chavers

Deputy Sheriff Angela Chavers is survived by a young son and niece, of whom she had custody. She had stepped up and raised her niece along with her son—two children who depended on her but are now left stunned over her loss. The community is rallying together to celebrate her life and be the rock that her family will need to count on in days to come.

In Memory of Corrections Officer Susan Ann Roberts

Corrections Officer Susan Ann Roberts was the matriarch of her family. She left behind her husband, two children, five grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Extended family, other officers, and long-time friends and neighbors join the family to support them in their grief.

In Memory of 9/11/2001 Rescue Workers

Today marks the 19th anniversary of 9/11/2001. Nineteen years ago, the United States was struck by a tragedy that has never been forgotten even years later. Every year on this day, families, first responders, and the broader communities come together to reflect on the loss of innocent lives and those who risked their lives by saving others. We also take today to honor the thousands of first responders who have passed, have been injured, and continue to suffer from this tragedy.

In Memory of Deputy Sheriff Ryan Hendrix

His extended family, neighbors, friends, and coworkers share in the grief with the loss of a great compassionate man. After spending his life serving his community, he had chosen to continue to give back through organ donation. He realized that he could continue to save others in a situation where he could lose his own life. He was a hero in his life through his actions and hero again, at the end of his life.

Data Privacy and Healthcare Options

Over the last 30 years, the shift of medical records from paper to electronic files has created an increased awareness in the control of private health information. Using computers and databases has created an increase for those with clearance and those without access to and disclosing confidential information. Health care providers and public health practitioners have always valued their patients' privacy.