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The Social Power of Data

You and your mom have been having conversations about adopting a dog from a local shelter. Suddenly, you're aware that ads for pet products are creeping into every aspect of your online world. Do you need a new dog bed? How about some Science Diet dog food? You don't recall seeing these things before, but the fact is, you haven't even adopted that dog yet. So, how did they know?

Compliant Data For Authorized Eyes Only

The Information Commissioner's Office reported 75 cases of ' failure to redact ' in the final quarter of 2019. Document redaction in the digital age is becoming more difficult than it should be. The first question to ask do you have redaction software in your organization, and if so, how does it handle different file types?

Medical First Responders Face Extreme Dangers to Save Lives

You can help medical personnel by showing your appreciation. Say, thank you. The words may seem so simple, so small, but to the ears of our heroes on the frontline, they can mean everything.

How will AI Affect the Legal Profession

Artificial intelligence is enhancing the legal profession in a multitude of ways by increasing access to information, optimizing time management, and thus improving profitability. It is automating time and labor-intensive legal work, allowing lawyers to take on more critical tasks like providing counsel to their clients, negotiating, and appearing in court.

In Memory of Commander Greg Carnicle

Commander Greg Carnicle served with the Phoenix Police Department for over 31 years and was expected to retire within two months. He devoted his entire career to the PPD and helping the people of Phoenix. He was a family man who always stuck to his guns with his decisions, and he took care of his troops.

In Memory of Trooper Nolan J. Sanders

Trooper Sanders personified what it meant to be a Trooper; his passing will leave a lasting mark on all that had the honor to work together with him. The coming days and weeks will prove to be difficult, but we will stand with the Sanders family throughout this difficult process.

In Memory of Sergeant Ben Jenkins

Sergeant Ben Jenkins was a military veteran of both the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard. A hero who spent his entire life devoted to the people of Nevada. In 2011, he was awarded the Gold Medal of Valor by the Nevada Department of Public Safety.

Law Enforcement Facing COVID19 in America

Over 3,200 officers have called in sick at the New York City Police Department. That number equals nearly nine percent of the total police force. Without testing and necessary protective gear, police are at risk for exposure themselves, but also risk spreading the virus to others, including their families, and other first responders.

COVID19 FERPA Community and Student Privacy

Closing schools is just one step to complying with government safety instructions to prevent the spread of this disease. Social distancing, hand washing, sterilizing, and staying in quarantined areas may be painful, but maybe the only activities that can keep families and students safe.

In Memory of Trooper Justin R. Schaffer

Trooper Justin Schaffer had spent his law enforcement career with the Washington State Police. He had always wanted to be a police officer, following after his father, Glenn Schaffer, who is the current police chief in the city of Chehalis, Washington.