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Document Redaction | Combining Manual & Automatic Redaction

Documents redaction tends to be the most tedious in labor. It’s a line-by-line analysis affair. If you’re lucky, you have very few sentences and words to redact, and can move on to the next assignment. Whether it’s manual redaction, automated redaction, or both tools used together, you can accomplish your tasks quickly and easily, without the need for specialized training, and without burning up your labor hours.

Live Captioning | Ensuring Communications for Appropriate Response

Agencies are routinely tasked with creating content to address public affairs, usually in the scope of responding to problem the community at large is encountering. In those scenarios, agencies must create responses that can be used in multiple media channels.

Snapshots | Finding the 'Needle in the Haystack' Evidence

Officers are facing more violent, faster to anger personalities, and the fact is that they have no chance to make any other decisions except to defend themselves with the use of lethal force. Yet, when the cameras are rolling, they don’t always show the dangerous weapon that precipitated such encounters.

In Memory of Captain Justino Tudela Arriola

Lieutenant Governor Diego Benavente made an effort to honor every officer who died in the line of duty in CNMI in 2004, including Captain Arriola, an effort that had not taken place prior to the ceremony. We are glad to know that the life of Captain Arriola has not been forgotten. He was important.

Audio Resampling | Protecting Sensitive Information & Identities

Protecting sensitive information and identities is a core operation when redacting files. It can be difficult when you face audio content. On the one hand, audio needs to be heard clearly for a jury to understand what is transpiring. On the other, we may be dealing with a protected witness, an undercover officer, or some information that is critical to future prosecutions that can’t be revealed in the moment.

Point, Click, & Hold | The Most Fundamental Time Saver in Redaction

When it comes to redaction, the goal is to get the work done, faster than the requests come in. And while that challenge is easier said than done, software that keeps pace with the speed of work is tantamount to compliance, and the continued appearance of professionalism within the community you serve.

Converting Audio to Different Languages

One of the biggest problems in translating audio and video files is finding smart software that can make conversion beyond one language. Usually you can find software that is dedicated to two languages, say English and Spanish, and then you have to find another software product for additional languages as needed. CaseGuard currently offers 13 languages for transcription and 21 languages for translation.

In Memory of Officer Jerome O. Piet

While we have not profiled many officers previously that experienced health problems immediately following an incident, as we write more about these incidents, you’ll find that in the first two hours after a use of force/critical incident, officers can succumb to physiological effects in the aftermath of such incidents.

Video Analytics & Audio Analysis

Video files keep tripping us up but audio files present even more problems. Factor in background noise, external and internal interference, environmental noise, movement, and soon both types of files, and even both types combined, present unimaginable problems that now become your responsibility to solve.

Automatic PDF Redaction

CaseGuard Studio’s Pattern Redaction is cutting down labor costs when it comes to public records requests, courtroom exhibits, and everything else in the world of presentable redacted documents. There’s no longer a need to suffer through the pains of checking, re-checking, checking again.