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In Memory of Police Officer Michael Lee Farnsworth

We’re terribly saddened by Officer Farnsworth’s death, and that it became such a mess afterwards is such a soiling of his sacrifice that it’s difficult to put into words.

Vice Investigations

Vice investigations are often glamorized in the movies and on TV. Hollywood would have us believe that vice investigations are comprised mostly of car chases and shootouts. The reality of conducting vice investigations in today’s world is often far from what we see on screen.

GDPR Affect on Businesses

The GDPR is making a huge impact on business. The GDPR was set forth to address the issues surrounding businesses collecting personal data belonging to citizens as well as the length of time those businesses can store that data.

Investigations | Illegal Dumping Cases

While many illegal dumping incidents are perpetrated by people who are attempting to avoid landfill or disposal fees, there are instances where closer examination of illegal dumping should be investigated. Let’s review some scenarios your agency may be exposed to and discuss some additional tactics and strategies that your agency may want to employ.

In Memory of City Marshal A.E. Cook

City Marshal Cook ended up dying all in an effort to figuratively, and literally, keep the peace in his community, and he paid the ultimate price for that dedication.

Patrol Talk | YouTube Pranks

YouTube has become not only a cultural phenomenon, it's turned into a big business model. However, as the methods to monetize YouTube continue to be discovered, discussed, and attempted, video pranks can be the source of a dangerous calls that pit uninformed citizens against ridiculous scenarios

Evidence Big Data | Big Problems: Servers, Clouds, and Court

The problem that evidence big data presents to law enforcement agencies is getting bigger by the hour. Some agencies have adopted the modern trends well, some have attempted to write the rules for themselves, other agencies are not willing to budge on the issue of data and its collective storage.

Officer Involved Shootings

In our current social-political climate, decisions made every day by law enforcement officers are frequently questioned or criticized... Every action officers take while performing their duty becomes public record and may be subject to civil litigation for years to come. Without question, hiring and retaining quality individuals are of paramount importance.

In Memory of Officers Nicholas Keegan Armstrong & James Ryan McCandless

At the corner of East Anamosa and Greenbrier Streets, Harvest Community Church sits. This was the scene of murder of Officers Armstrong and McCandless. A memorial stone and two benches are at the corner of the property, fitting snug to the sidewalk. The church had been closed at the time of the incident, and re-opened in the aftermath of the incident, in part to strong community support.

Giglio v. United States | A Case Study

The case of Giglio v. United States has had a dramatic effect on the law enforcement community and how they perform their everyday duties. Law enforcement officers who are judged to have “Giglio material” attached to them often find that their careers become frozen in place in their agency.