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Public Transportation Surveillance Systems and Crime Deterrence

It’s true that public transportation systems are increasingly investing in video surveillance in an attempt to curb crime and violence and It has arguably worked in most cases but the flip side also exists in the form of privacy of individuals being tampered with whenever the personal information is collected, used, and disclosed unwillingly.

Video Surveillance for Airport Terminals

Cameras in airports are configured with sophisticated machine learning software that scans the airport for suspicious characters, potentially dangerous contraband, and they identify specific types of questionable activities.

In Memory of Deputy Sheriff Sheldon Whiteman

Traffic related deaths is one of the biggest occupational hazards that law enforcement officers face. Police officers give us their very lives to keep us safe, we at least owe it to them to contribute to the cause of keeping our communities safer, and slow down.

Implications of FOIA on Public Health

By understanding FOIA purpose and key provisions, public health workers, law enforcement, journalists, and researchers can make use of this powerful tool to obtain information about important public health issues while protecting sensitive information using a powerful video redaction software.

Protecting Teachers Under Attack by Students

Teachers and school staff members across the country are being assaulted by students in schools, classrooms, and hallways. Taking violence seriously has to be made a priority by districts in protecting both students and staff members.

In Memory of Police Officer Kaulike Kamala

Today’s police forces have become the front line for mental health problems in America and the danger in making these arrests for police officers is very real. The numbers suggest that 1 out of every 42 officers killed on the job is by a mentally deranged or out of control psychotic individual.

In Memory of Officer Tiffany-Victoria Bilon Enriquez

It takes bravery to run into a dangerous situation. Police officers do this very thing for their communities every day. Officer Tiffany-Victoria Bilon Enriquez was a brave woman and officer who cared deeply about her community and the people in it and gave her life protecting them.

Protecting Students and Teachers in Special Education Classrooms

Many states are now regulating that surveillance cameras be used in special education areas because of the growing need of a non-biased form of communication for the students and staff. When special needs students are involved, if they are being harmed by another student or teacher, they may not have the ability to speak for themselves. In this way, the cameras can speak for them.

FERPA and Student Surveillance Systems

Having a quality video redaction system that many school administrators, teachers, IT personnel and more can be trained to use quickly and easily takes away the pressure from the administration regarding complying with FERPA, maintaining student’s private information, and also keeping their budgets for higher educational priorities.

Protecting Student Identity on School Bus Video Systems

When schools are faced with FOIA, legal, or other requests regarding students in school bus video, many times there is a defined amount of time for turnaround of the redacted video. Being able to meet FERPA guidelines, and being able to handle the job easily are extremely important. Using a quality video redaction system also means there is less room for human error, when even a single frame can be left out to affect the release of PII.