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Investigations | Commercial Burglaries

Burglaries of commercial property become some of the most creative ventures in criminality that officers receive exposure to. From violent smash and grabs to sophisticated “drywall jobs,” commercial burglary attempts have the stigma of bringing out some of the boldest behavior displayed by criminals. Let’s discuss some of the evidence challenges that present themselves in commercial burglaries.

In Memory of Patrolman Raymond Leslie Munson

In World War I, Patrolman Munson survived a battle that involved the deaths of over 6,000 men. From the standpoint of emotional perspective, it’s utterly tragic to think he survived one of the largest battles of The Great War, only to be killed hastily by one bullet fired by coward.

Law Enforcement Digital Evidence | Open Source & Access Policy

You need to have unrestricted access to the data you are custodian over, and you need it in open source digital evidence file formats so that it’s easy to share with all partners, easy to manage, enhance, or otherwise produce for the various stages of the criminal justice process. Don’t let vendors tell you otherwise. You have to answer to taxpayers, not vendors.

Body worn camera considerations

It probably goes without saying, but body worn cameras are here to stay.  Law Enforcement agencies around the country are either embracing this relatively new technology or being forced to adopt it through political pressure.  In either case, we thought it might prove beneficial to briefly discuss these cameras and the challenges that come with them.

Video Redaction and Enhancement Software

Video redaction and enhancement software has turned from a rare luxury, to a mandatory tool for all law enforcement agencies. From responding to public records requests, to protecting victims, witnesses, confidential informants, and most of all the innocent who happen to be at a scene.

The rising cost of Digital Evidence and its hidden fees

With the sheer volume of digital evidence, and its storage costs, rising exponentially in the past few years, some law enforcement decision makers are beginning to ask questions. Most of these questions are in direct response to ever increasing budget cuts. 

In Memory of Officer Justin David Sollohub

As Captain Shane Denham of APD was quoted, “There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t think about him (Officer Sollohub) and we don’t talk about him, and he’s kind of forever part of this police department.”

Firearms Inventory and Tracking

When firearms belonging to law enforcement personnel are lost or stolen, the department or agency to which that weapon belongs is placed in a terrible predicament. In addition to the financial loss that occurs when a firearm is lost or stolen, law enforcement departments or agencies find themselves at risk of facing legal action if the lost or stolen firearm is subsequently used in the commission of a crime.

Evidence Management | Differences Between Chain of Custody & Audit Trails

Chain of custody, audit trail. They are simple documents, that mean everything to your evidence, and the acceptance of that evidence in court. You need to know the differences, and where information comes together.

GDPR Impact on Digital Content

GDPR compliance is going to ultimately become an evolving process. But you can rest assured that if you have heavy amounts of digital content, you will need recognition and redaction software, there can be no mistake on this point.