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Trauma | The Wounds Left on Officers We Don’t See

In the past several years the topic of officer suicide has crept into the public lexicon, and is starting to be treated as a serious topic that needs to be addressed. The problem is being addressed at literally the lowest possible starting point: statistics on officer suicide are massively skewed, as few agencies track officer suicide.

Evidence Management | Differences Between Chain of Custody & Audit Trails

Chain of custody, audit trail. They are simple documents, that mean everything to your evidence, and the acceptance of that evidence in court. You need to know the differences, and where information comes together.

Infrastructure Damage | When Public Property Becomes Evidence

We know law enforcement cannot solve every crime that happens, but when it comes to infrastructure damage, they can become some of the largest expenses of the year to repair or replace, and the evidence is almost always digital in nature.

Law Enforcement Digital Evidence | Open Source & Access Policy

You need to have unrestricted access to the data you are custodian over, and you need it in open source digital evidence file formats so that it’s easy to share with all partners, easy to manage, enhance, or otherwise produce for the various stages of the criminal justice process. Don’t let vendors tell you otherwise. You have to answer to taxpayers, not vendors.

Cryptocurrency and Law Enforcement | Uncharted Waters

The world of cryptocurrency is exciting and ever-changing, and law enforcement personnel will most certainly need to understand this world going forward. Although the vast majority of transactions conducted using cryptocurrency are perfectly legal, there is a profound black market that is thriving due in large part to the anonymity that cryptocurrencies provide to their users.

Video Redaction and Enhancement Software

Video redaction and enhancement software has turned from a rare luxury, to a mandatory tool for all law enforcement agencies. From responding to public records requests, to protecting victims, witnesses, confidential informants, and most of all the innocent who happen to be at a scene.

Community Evidence | Registering Cameras with Law Enforcement

The idea of camera registration is opening the doors to spectacular results for solving crime in various communities. Many privacy issues have already been answered, but we believe the next iteration of these programs is moving to a remote access model, where law enforcement receive permission from a citizen for each request, but that police download content without ever stepping foot on the citizen’s property.

GDPR Affect on Businesses

The GDPR is making a huge impact on business. The GDPR was set forth to address the issues surrounding businesses collecting personal data belonging to citizens as well as the length of time those businesses can store that data.

GDPR Impact on Digital Content

GDPR compliance is going to ultimately become an evolving process. But you can rest assured that if you have heavy amounts of digital content, you will need recognition and redaction software, there can be no mistake on this point.

Pro-Active Patrol | Construction Sites Burglaries

One of the most vulnerable locations for burglaries are construction sites but companies routinely leave equipment, tools, and even keys for specialty vehicles in plain sight, or at least in accessible areas. And many companies don’t pay for overnight security, leaving construction sites open for burglars and thieves.