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Giglio v. United States | A Case Study

The case of Giglio v. United States has had a dramatic effect on the law enforcement community and how they perform their everyday duties. Law enforcement officers who are judged to have “Giglio material” attached to them often find that their careers become frozen in place in their agency.


Information obtained while conducting surveillance can mean the difference between the conviction of a criminal and that criminal going free. Whether it is accomplished through physical, electronic, or telephone/Internet monitoring, law enforcement officers must be up to date with all laws pertaining to surveillance and must have the proper training and experience in order to conduct an effective surveillance operation.

Body and Dash-Mounted Cameras | Civil Liabilities

Digital video evidence using dash-mounted, body-worn, cellular devices, and audio recorders are reducing complaints and accusations against officers.

In Memory of Sergeant Robert T. Hannah

Sergeant Hannah is a brave man who did his work remarkably, and for that he was executed by two people who likely knew they were outmatched, and decided their only option was to kill a police officer.

GDPR Impact on Digital Content

GDPR compliance is going to ultimately become an evolving process. But you can rest assured that if you have heavy amounts of digital content, you will need recognition and redaction software, there can be no mistake on this point.

Digital Evidence EXIF Data

Digital evidence EXIF data acts as a second layer of data in digital evidence that we can use to obtain exacting information concerning a crime, and also can serve as a way to eliminate suspects.

Proactive Public Records

You’ve got your redaction and enhancement software. You’ve got fully trained records staff, fully trained investigative staff, you’ve got the ball rolling hard on this issue of public records and media requests. And yet, you still can’t stem the tide. You’re responding to every request, but your agency is still getting less than favorable reaction from the media and the community.

In Memory of Sheriff Louis J. Miesner

Constant monitoring, ratios of inmates to deputies, and host of other security issues were addressed in the aftermath of Sheriff Miesner’s death. This outcome is the best way to honor his death. The best way to remember him, is to never let it happen again.

Digital Evidence Video Resolution

There are many other video resolutions beyond 1080p, like 2K and 4K, and those may eventually get perfected for the type of devices being used in public safety today. However, for the time being, 1080p is your best, and only true option when dealing with cameras. Whether it’s a non-emergency call, an investigation, or a complaint you’re reviewing, the details matter, and you need technology that is presenting all the details.

Digital Evidence Video Frame Rates

Digital evidence video frame rates are an often overlooked topic when discussing the tools used to capture digital evidence. From body worn cameras, to interview room cameras, and everything in between, and beyond, we forget to evaluate devices based on their Frames Per Second rate.