Body Camera Management Software


Body Camera Management Software
  • Define unlimited number of retention periods for files
  • Unlimited upload and authentication of all digital files including image, raw images, video, audio, and any other files
  • Automatic deletion of files after retention period has passed
  • Connects WearableGuard to DigitalGuard and allows you to transfer files/data with evidentiary value to DigitalGuard
  • Specify the case number and transfer images, raw images, video, audio, and any other files
  • Transfer history/chain of custody along with transferred files.
  • Ability to leave a copy of transferred files in WearableGuard (multi-case related files)
  • Unlimited Delete/Change retention period
  • Easy step-by-step Upload Wizard
  • Secure access to all digital files
  • Chain of custody for all digital files
  • Unlimited search capabilities
  • Unlimited filters and quick filters
  • Notification system
  • Multi-user and group security layers
  • Statistical reports for higher management
  • Powerful restriction capabilities for sensitive and high profile files
Body Camera Management Software
Easy To Use

WearableGuard makes it really incredibly easy for the end user to be able to view, edit, and upload all different types of files including still images, raw images, video and audio files, interviews, surveillance videos, in-car videos, and documents.


WearableGuard is very easy to customize. Customize the way it looks and feels according to your agency’s needs and specifications. Easily add, rename, or remove any field in any form within the system. Set up the notification system, reports, filters, statistics, user groups and permissions to meet your needs.

Secure and Reliable

Multiple security layers are built into WearableGuard for added security and control. We are proud to say that WearableGuard meets or exceeds all applicable CJIS security standards.

Ready for Integrations

The WearableGuard application program interface (API) provides the optimal experience and the easiest way to integrate with other systems. Using WearableGuard API allows you to send and receive information from third parties.

Upload Wizard

Your officers will appreciate Upload Wizard, a step-by-step, easy to use, secure upload tool. Simply specify the retention period and click upload. Once the files are uploaded you'll have the option to authenticate and annotate the files and receive an upload receipt. It will even delete the files from your source, if you'd like, and print or email a receipt as a proof of upload, saving you valuable time later. From there, it's easy to view files, search, download, email, extend the retention period, or delete them with proper permissions.

Upload from ANY Camera

WearableGuard was designed to handle all different sources in a very fast and effective way. WearableGuard works with everything - from handheld cameras and cell phones, to in-car and body worn video cameras, to in-store surveillance systems, to interviews recordings, and audio recordings.

Repository Statistics
Cleanup Manager

Automatically track file retention period, send notifications of past retention period, and automatically delete unneeded files.

Chain of Custody

WearableGuard as a standalone product allows you to store files on your agency server; authenticate files as original; tag and annotate files as needed; provide a comprehensive and unalterable chain of custody; specify the retention period; and produce a printed receipt. When used in conjunction with DigitalGuard, the seamless “bridge” interface allows users to mark a file with the case number and retain it, along with all of the applicable metadata and the chain of custody, as case evidence.

Search Engine

WearableGuard was built on a very powerful search engine that allows you to find what you’re looking for as fast as you can type it. Eliminate the need for building complex search queries and their mathematical logic. With one search box, find photos, videos, audio recordings, and much more, in a fraction of a second. Every piece of data in the database is searchable through the same search engine.

WearableGuard Responsive Design

WearableGuard is crafted using Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology, which provides an optimal viewing experience, easy reading, and navigation on a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors (all sizes) to smart devices and mobile phones. With WearableGuard, choose your favorite device - whether it’s a 70” smart TV, a wide computer screen, a Tough Pad, or an iPhone - the system will be as easy and clear to navigate and use as your computer screen.

WearableGuard Mobile

The CaseGuard Mobile App is fully integrated with the WearableGuard Body Camera Management System and can be installed on your agency servers or the cloud, where it’s easy to define permissions and access, allowing granular security at all levels. Available in multiple languages and multiple themes from which to choose, this user friendly application is easy to learn and use and it works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices and all Android devices. Take photos, record video/audio, conduct interviews at the scene, and upload them safely and securely to your agency servers or CaseGuard cloud servers in seconds.


Choose your favorite browser to use. WearableGuard is compatible with all standard web browsers in the market including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

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