CaseGuard Mobile

CaseGuard Mobile

Mobile Evidence Management
  • Take evidentiary and non-evidentiary photos from any IPhone, IPad, IPod, or Android device
  • Record videos with a touch of a button and let them upload to your servers automatically
  • Conduct interviews at the crime scene, record, and upload them instantly
  • Audio dictation to turn your voice into a text report
  • Transfer evidence in/out of the property room.
  • Collect electronic signature as a proof of the transaction
  • Run quarterly or yearly inventory right from your phone
  • Available in multiple languages and multiple themes
  • Fully integrated with CaseGuard Management System
  • No evidence data is stored on the phone in case it gets lost or stolen
  • Administrator can control what functions are available for each user
  • Full chain of custody for all files captured from any phone
  • Connect to your server or the cloud, you choose
  • Upload over mobile network, WIFI, or both​
Mobile Evidence Management Software
Mobile Users

Users can use their CaseGuard application credentials to securely login to CaseGuard Mobile app. Administrators can control what features are available for each user. No personal or evidentiary data is kept on the device in case it gets lost or stolen.

Audio Dictation

Use CaseGuard mobile app to audio dictate your activities and case reports and it will turn it into text and save it automatically as a case report. Whether you're at the crime scene, in the car, or the office, you no longer have to write long and time consuming reports. Simply say it and CaseGuard mobile app will write it.

Video Recorder

Recording videos is just as easy as taking a pic. Once recorded, the video file is uploaded automatically to the server saving you the trip to back to the office and upload it. The file is also attached to the case automatically and available to investigators to view in a fraction of a second.

Audio Recorder

No need to carry an audio recorder anymore. Use CaseGuard mobile app to easily record interviews and voice memos. Once finished, the audio files will be uploaded automatically and securely to your server or the cloud. No evidence is left on the phone if lost, broken, or stolen.

Transfer Evidence

Whether inside the property room or outside, in the court room, or at the DA’s office, CaseGuard mobile app allows you to transfer evidence easily and securely. Scan the barcode of the items you want to transfer and have the receiver sign electronically inside the app. The electronic signature will be saved in the chain of custody of each item proving the receiver custody of the evidence.

Electronic Signature

Do you hear complaints from citizens denying receiving their property? Are you still using papers to sign evidence transfer forms when moving evidence? Do you like to capture electronic signatures but don’t have the budget to buy expensive electronic signature pads? With CaseGuard mobile app, you can have it all in one. When moving evidence, transferring evidence, or returning evidence to owners, let the receivers sign with their finger on CaseGuad mobile app and the electronic signature will be saved automatically in the unalterable chain of custody of every moved or transferred item.

No Evidence Left Behind

Are you worried about the digital evidence collected on your officers’ phones if they forget to delete any of it? What happens if the phone gets lost, broken, or even stolen? How will you be able to recover that digital evidence or know where it will end up or who it will end up with? If you use CaseGuard Mobile app to collect digital evidence such as photos and videos, you will not have any of these problems. CaseGuard mobile app uploads all digital evidence to the server automatically as soon as the picture is taken or the video is shot. Pictures and videos taken through CaseGuard mobile app will not show in the user’s photo gallery so the user doesn’t have control over what to keep or delete. Once uploaded safely and securely to the server, Files are deleted automatically from the temporary holding area so there is no trace of that digital evidence on the phone.

Try It Now, For Free

Simply open your phone, go to Apple store or Google Play, search for CaseGuard, and download it. Once downloaded, open the application, keep the default agency as CaseGuard and click Verify. To login to the application enter:

Username: demo
Password: demo123

Give it a try. It's that simple!

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