Working with Detected Objects

Working with detected objects

CaseGuard Studio detects objects (e.g., a person or any other object) you draw a shape over. You might draw a shape over a person, face, or even a screen.

After objects are detected, you’ll be able to review them as a list and edit them as necessary in the Object Detection Panel. Some things to note about the Object Detection Panel.  

  • Objects in the Object Detection Panel are grouped by ID/Name.
  • Every time you draw a shape on the screen (by hand) in Manual or Object Tracking Mode, the shape will have a new name/ID and will show separately in the Object Detection Panel.
  • Redacted objects initially appear as image thumbnails in the Object Detection Panel. To give you complete control over your workflow, you can view and confirm that the object should be redacted (see Merging Objects)
Object detection overview

Object detection is the process of detecting an object in an image or video. CaseGuard detects objects you’ve drawn a shape around in Object Tracking Mode. Because of this, there are some cases where the object you’re tracking might appear as multiple separate objects. Why does this happen?

Humans can recognize any object in the real world easily without any efforts. It’s a little harder for computers.

When you draw a shape over an object in Object Tracking Mode, CaseGuard tracks the object in the rest of the footage. If, however, the appearance of the object suddenly changes (e.g., a person or the vehicle you’re tracking suddenly gets blocked by something else in the footage, like another person) the object you’re tracking might get logged as a separate object.

Chances are that your object might appear as multiple objects if your object:

  • Is filmed with different lighting conditions, where shadows and brightness way
  • Changes position or rotates frequently, and
  • Is not completely visible in some parts of the video

If your object appears as multiple separate objects, you can merge them by following these directions.

CaseGuard Objects Detection Panel

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