Creating Lists for Automatic Analysis

You can quickly locate and remove information by creating and adding your own lists of text patterns.

Get started

CaseGuard create analytics list

  • Select “New List” under the Analytics List dropdown.  The Analytics Entry popup will appear.
  • Under the Type dropdown, select the text pattern you want to add to your list. In the example below, we’ve selected the SSN (social security number).
  • Click the Pattern checkbox. Select the corresponding pattern for your type. In this case, we’ve selected the social security number. The text field will populate automatically with the formula required to search for that pattern.
  • Optionally, select the color code you want to associate with the pattern. In the example below, you’ll see we changed it from black to red.

CaseGuard analytics list add item

  • Continue adding your patterns. You can also add unique phrases and configure your search to pull up only case sensitive or whole words results.
  • Select Save. The Save popup will appear and prompt you to name your list.

CaseGuard Analytics List Analyze

  • To start using your list, click Analyze.
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