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Trauma | The Wounds Left on Officers We Don’t See
By: CaseGuard
  In the past several years the topic of officer suicide has crept into the public lexicon, and is starting to be treated as a serious topic that needs to be addressed. The problem is being addressed at literally the lowest possible starting point: statistics on officer suicide are massively skewed, as few agencies track officer suicide, there is no national database for data, and mental health resources are scattered outside of pre-hire processing in law enforcement. We’d like to talk about an...
Aug 13, 2018
Evidence Management | Differences Between Chain of Custody & Audit Trails
By: CaseGuard
  There is some confusion in our industry concerning the differences between chain of custody and audit trail. It’s fair to say that they have complimentary value to one another, but they are definitely separate items, and their importance in that regard is paramount to the entire evidence management process. Today we will discuss the two most important reports concerning individual evidence items, how they work together at times, and why you need a system that separates the two.   What is...
Aug 09, 2018
Infrastructure Damage | When Public Property Becomes Evidence
By: CaseGuard
  Many law enforcement agencies don’t have the resources to prioritize public property damage that isn’t directly linked to crime. Roads being gouged by farm implements, cars parking on curbs and cracking the curb form, street signs being knocked down partially from ATV’s, or torn down by teenagers late in the night, if it’s not witnessed, the end result is a radio call to Public Works, and the taxpayer bears the burden. We know law enforcement cannot solve every crime that happens, but when it...
Aug 08, 2018
Law Enforcement Digital Evidence | Open Source & Access Policy
By: CaseGuard
  As the data and software industry for law enforcement continues to evolve, there are some old practices by some vendors that are jeopardizing government obligations, like transparency, public records access, court submissions, and many other aspects of evidence and records management and handling. These problems that vendors are creating for law enforcement are wrong, and there is no reason for continuing the practice. Today we’re going to explore what law enforcement needs to do in response...
Aug 07, 2018
Cryptocurrency and Law Enforcement | Uncharted Waters
By: CaseGuard
  The introduction of the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin in 2009 to the world was met with a mixed reception. While some praised this new form of currency and its ability to provide anonymity of transactions for its users, others rightly predicted that it would in large part be used on the black market. Although cryptocurrencies are mostly used for legitimate purposes, participants in illegal markets such as the narcotics trade have found that cryptocurrencies are useful tools in avoiding...
Aug 06, 2018
CaseGuard Video Redaction and Enhancement Software
By: CaseGuard
  Video redaction and enhancement software has turned from a rare luxury, to a mandatory tool for all law enforcement agencies. From responding to public records requests, to protecting victims, witnesses, confidential informants, and most of all the innocent who happen to be at a scene, agencies can no longer afford not to be proactive on their own in responding to requests for records, including video, while ensuring that those records only provide what is permissible. And this trend, while...
Aug 05, 2018
Community Evidence | Registering Cameras with Law Enforcement
By: CaseGuard
  As digital evidence continues to become increasingly important, law enforcement agencies are trying to leverage the digital age by asking for citizens and business owners in their communities to register their cameras with law enforcement. Why is this important? We’ll tackle this topic right now!   Why Register? The easy answer to this is that by registering your camera, law enforcement in your area can request to review footage of crimes that have happened where you are located. Commonly,...
Aug 04, 2018
GDPR Affect on Businesses
By: CaseGuard
  The GDPR is making a huge impact on business. It’s fair to say that the regulation was adopted out of extreme concern that businesses were collecting personal data belonging to citizens, that was ultimately not secured with long-term principles in mind, leading to data breaches, which effected those citizens. Watching the news doesn’t paint a picture of confidence when it comes to the custodial nature of data held by businesses. The GDPR was set forth to address the issues surrounding these...
Aug 03, 2018
GDPR Impact on Digital Content
By: CaseGuard
  In our last article we discussed the general impact the GDPR places on businesses. In this article we’ll focus on the impact on digital content and assets held by businesses that will ultimately be subject to the new regulation.   The ‘Natural Person’ and Purge Requests The GDPR defines natural persons as those citizens who have data and privacy concerns, that trump those data and privacy concerns of businesses, government, and other organizations. In short, if the citizen doesn’t want an...
Aug 02, 2018
Pro-Active Patrol | Construction Sites Burglaries
By: CaseGuard
  One of the most vulnerable locations for burglaries are construction sites. Most contractors operate on a site, be it residential or commercial, from sun up to sun down, and once they’ve lost power of daylight, they pack it in. But companies routinely leave equipment, tools, and even keys for specialty vehicles in plain sight, or at least in accessible areas. And many companies don’t pay for overnight security, leaving construction sites open for burglars and thieves.   Targeting Construction...
Aug 01, 2018