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In Memory of Detective Sergeant Randall C. French

As a community, Nassau mourns the passing of Officer Randy French. As a son, husband, and father, he has made everlasting positive impacts on those around him. From volunteering at his children's school to a warm smile when he greeted a neighbor, many in Nassau have shared their memories since Randy's illness. We send our sincerest sympathy for Randy's young family and our heartfelt commitment to help them the best we can in the days ahead.

In Memory of Corrections Officer V. James D. Coleman

God Bless you, Corrections Officer V James Coleman! Thank you for your many years of service with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in Texas. Thank you for making the residents of Abilene, Texas, feel safer. We are all thankful to you for your service, your devotion, and your sacrifices, and to your family and friends for their sacrifices. We are so saddened by this terrible news, and you will never be forgotten!

The Importance of Transcription, Translation, and Captioning for Accessibility Compliance


You set up your business and you made a company website. It looks great, you’re getting a ton of traffic, and your team loves the design.

But what about your visitors? Can you say with complete confidence that any person on any device with any type of disability navigate your site or media content with ease or restriction?

Handling PCI DSS Compliance | Data Retention & Protection

All business owners who handle customer credit data must comply with PCI DSS. In order for you to understand how to be in compliance – it’s good to get a handle on what the PCI DSS standards are and which ones directly affect you and your business.

In Memory of Lieutenant Glenn Dale Hutto, Jr.

Lieutenant Glenn Dale Hutto served 21 out of 24 years of his law enforcement career with the Baton Rouge Police Department (BRPD). It was here he found a home and community to serve and protect, in the end, giving his life.

In Memory of Deputy Sheriff John Andrew Rhoden

The Rhoden family models a life of service and putting others first. John Rhoden grew up around BPD and then after college followed in his dad's footsteps when he joined the Bell County Sheriff's Department.

In Memory of Corrections Officer Coy D. Coffman, Jr.

The COVID-19 virus has changed our state and our agency forever, but no one can imagine the impact on the Coffman family who has lost someone so close. The thoughts and prayers of the TDCJ family are with those close to Officer Coy Coffman. He died in the service of all Texans.

In Memory of Senior Detention Officer Alexander Pettiway

Senior Detention Officer Alexander Pettiway spent 23 years with the Durham County Sheriff's Office (DCSO). Officers like Pettiway made it their job to be sure that inmates are treated fairly and with respect. Officer Pettiway was a unique, gentle soul and loved by us all.

In Memory of Patrolman Gary Walker

Officer Gary Walker was well known in the community and well-loved. He was remembered as selfless and caring by those who knew him and worked with him.

In Memory of Police Officer Joseph Cappello

Police Officer Joseph Cappello was an important part of the Melrose Park Police Department, and he will be missed. Always dependable and trustworthy, Officer Cappello worked hard to build relationships in the community. He served the people of Melrose Park with integrity and will be remembered as a dedicated public servant.