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In Memory of Police Sergeant José García-Vázquez

Police Sergeant José García-Vázquez was nearing his 32nd anniversary. During his time with the department, he had held various positions, including Tactical Operations, Drugs and Narcotics, and Criminal Investigations Corps. Vázquez served at various local departments during his career.

Bite Marks | Objective Opinion and Junk Science

There is a great deal of difference between a DNA match and a bite mark match. One test is done scientifically, is measured, and the results are factual. The other is done by human comparisons, visual referrals, ideas, and personal objectivity. Knowing how the science is collected, tested, and compared can make a great deal of difference in the measurability of the 'truth' behind the results.

Hair Analysis | Science or Objective Opinion

As a crime scene investigator, it is essential to gather as much evidence as possible to solve the crime. This would include any available hair that can be analyzed. While hair analysis results cannot and should not distinctively point out your suspect. It can be the icing on the cake.

In Memory of Corrections Supervisor 1 Fella A. Adebiyi

Corrections Supervisor 1 Fella A. Adebiyi died after he had contracted COVID19 while on the job. Officer Adebiyi served his community through his work with the Kansas Department of Corrections (DOC) for over 20 years.

In Memory of Sergeant Charles 'Rob' Roberts III

Sergeant Charles 'Rob' Roberts III served his community and working for the Glen Ridge Police with honor, strength, and courage and did it all with a contagious smile. Thank you for keeping him safe for 20 years.

In Memory of Corrections Supervisor 1 George Robare

Rachel Robare, who lost her father George "Bernie" Robare to the virus, spoke out to the community-at-large. "I feel like this has stolen something from me that I can't get back, and people need to realize it's not about you. You have to protect the other people in this country.

In Memory of Correctional Officer Antoine J. Jones

Correctional staff like Officer Antoine Jones are the unseen heroes in the fight against this global pandemic, bravely working to keep their fellow colleagues, detainees, and the public safe from COVID-19.

In Memory of Corrections Officer V Maria Mendez

Even in these unprecedented times, there are moments that are especially jarring. Losing any employee is difficult, but learning of two deaths in a single day is unthinkable. The thoughts and prayers of the entire agency are with all the family and friends of both Officers Maria Mendez and Officer Jessie Bolton.

In Memory of Corrections Officer Jessie Wayne Bolton

Corrections Officer Jessie Wayne Bolton was a quiet man in life who would retreat to his hobby farm during his time off of work. Here he had a little orchard and a lot of color through a variety of plants. One of his degrees was in Art, so he enjoyed having color around him and was eager to build a 'paradise' that he could leave to his granddaughter one day.

Live Streaming Privacy in the Middle of Coronavirus Outbreak

Privacy is the right to manage personal information. Any confidential information that may be accidentally exposed on a live stream, including faces of minors and private citizens, should be treated as such and removed using video and audio redaction software. Bear in mind that privacy is expected.