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What Information Should Be Redacted from Medical Records?

Data Privacy in healthcare has become a hot button issue in the news lately, especially with firms such as Facebook coming under increasing scrutiny in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Did you know, according to recent legislation, patients or their legal representatives have the right to request access to their medical records?

In Memory of Trooper First Class Eugene Kenneth Baron, Jr.

Our condolences and prayers go to the Trooper Baron family at this time. Trooper First Class Eugene Kenneth Baron, Jr contracted cancer while doing a job that he loved. His first concern on September 11, 2001, was to help people affected by the terrorist attacks. He was always a Trooper at heart, and he will be greatly missed.

In Memory of Trooper George Baker

Trooper George Baker is remembered for being a public servant his entire adult life. He started his years of service in the U.S. Marines. Baker began his career in law enforcement by serving as a Greensburg Police Officer. In his last act of selfless service, Trooper Baker was escorted to donate his organs so that others may live.

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality and Privacy in Telehealth

Concerns regarding the privacy and protection of telehealth systems will adversely affect the trust of people in telehealth and undermine the ability of these systems to enhance health care efficiency, quality, and effectiveness. More stringent standards and regulations may be required not only for telehealth but also for all electronic user information to ensure effective privacy and security protections.

Artificial Intelligence In Personal Counseling

With mental illness becoming a rising problem globally, and more people seeking treatment, different methods are being applied to combat the high demand for counselors. With the current advances in technology, studies have shown that artificial intelligence could be an approach used in individual counseling soon.

Privacy in the Era of Drones and Aerial Surveillance

Drone and aerial surveillance, if put to good use, has tremendous benefits, but we cannot dispute the fact that it is prone to user violations and susceptibility. The DoD, for example, has utilized drone surveillance in supporting civil authorities at the southern border, in supporting civil authorities in hurricane/flood response, in civil law enforcement, counter-drug, and terrorism.

Patient Privacy and Document Redaction in Medical Contexts

Proper redaction of all medical information - whether they be physical or digital documents, audio files, or footage from examinations - is imperative to following the law and avoiding the myriad of problems associated with a data breach.

In Memory of Deputy Sheriff Wyatt Maser

The loss of Deputy Sheriff Wyatt Maser is more than significant. His family and friends will mourn his passing. The loss to the entire county of Bonneville will be lasting. His plans for a long-term career serving his community will not be fulfilled. His goals of spending the next 40 years giving back to Bonneville County and his death, takes a bit away from every resident in the community.

In Memory of Correctional Officer Berisford Anthony Morse

Correctional Officer Berisford Anthony Morse was the first correctional officer lost to coronavirus in the state of Washington. His death came as not only a shock to his family but to his entire community.

In Memory of Officer Ching Kok Yan

Officer Ching Kok 'CK' Yan had spent his career working at the International Mail Facility located in the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. We will never forget him & his embodiment, Service, Integrity, and Vigilance.