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Evidence and the Fourth Amendment

United States Constitution is our foundational legal document and is the law of the land, The Fourth Amendment is the standard by which evidence must be obtained and secured.

The Argument for a Dedicated Evidence Management Custodian

The intake, storage, and eventual destruction of evidence is an important task and law enforcement departments and agencies should treat it as such. Having a dedicated evidence management custodian can increase the odds of performing this task well and decrease the odds of losing cases or being sued due to issues with evidence.

In Memory of Sergeant Oliver Devard Williamson

Sergeant Williamson was clearly a brave man, based on his actions. While no one could beat a tornado in a car, he certainly tried his best to pass through it, in hopes of making it the other side, all to help others. His commitment to service can never be questioned

Fire Investigations

Fire investigators of today must be educated in the sciences, and are often called upon to perform the duties of police officers and firefighters. Fire investigators must also be trained and proficient in forensics and evidence management so that they may avoid the spoliation of evidence that may be needed in court.

Instruction & Introduction of Case Management & Assignment

Case management in law enforcement may not be the most exhilarating topic to cover when discussing law enforcement issues, but it is essential nonetheless. All law enforcement officers, but especially law enforcement officers operating in an investigative capacity must be trained and proficient in their department or agency’s case management system and evidence management system in order to do their jobs effectively.

Child Abuse Investigations

Both physical and sexual child abuse are horrible crimes that may have long lasting effects on the victim, even into adulthood. By rescuing a child from an abusive situation, law enforcement officers can know that they are making real, long term differences in that child’s life that will have dramatic effects beyond that person’s childhood.

In Memory of Deputy Officer Shawn Carson & Officer Robert Nguyen

To visit Officer Shawn Carson’s, or Officer Robert Nguyen’s pages at the Officer Down Memorial Page is a moment that would crack anyone’s heart to tears. Between the two, there are nearly 800 reflections, making them both very active pages.

Quartermaster Roles | Armorer

The armorer is a crucial part of any agency’s operation, and providing the person in this role with proper oversight, control, and the tools to accomplish their mission are paramount.

Fraud & Forgery Investigations

Fraud and forgery investigations may not seem like the most exciting cases to work on for law enforcement personnel, but they can be rewarding and significant nonetheless. Victims of fraud and forgery cases are often elderly or mentally challenged individuals who are vulnerable and need to be protected from bad actors.

Citizens Recording Law Enforcement Activities

Law enforcement officers across the US are being scrutinized more than ever, not only by news media, but by courts, political activists and citizens.