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Digital Evidence Metadata

Metadata plays a correspondingly important role in digital evidence, and in proving guilt or innocence in court. While the term metadata still seem drivel for the uninitiated, in this article, we aim to provide a basic understanding of digital evidence metadata.

Evidence Collection | Confrontational Interrogations and Evidentiary Value

The amount of effort to achieve a confrontational interview can feel deceiving to reach, and is even trickier to control once you’ve reached that point. Documenting confrontation can present some serious challenges.

Evidence Collection | Non-Confrontational Interrogations

Non-confrontational interrogations can be a pain but they serve a distinctly unique purpose that gives us a chance to move forward effectively with our case and that matters more than anything.

In Memory of Patrolman Constantine Andreola

Patrolman Andreola name was added to the Louisiana Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, which was dedicated on May 1st, 2002. Patrolman Andreola died as one of the oldest serving officers in the country, and he has been surpassed since this time, but not by much, and by very, very few.

Evidence Collection | Interviews, Interrogations, & Confrontations

Every time the words Interviews, Interrogations, & Confrontations come up, a mixture of confusion, substitution, and misalignment of the words comes up. A lack of understanding of interviews and interrogations goals can lead to the perception of a bad arrest, bad encounters, or even worse, reasonable doubt.

Collecting Evidence from Violent Suspects | Evidence Management

No evidence on a violent suspect is worth injury to ourselves, or others, or death. Getting violent suspects under control is our priority then evidence collection should start. Training and developing policy to deal with these situations is what solves problems later.

Collecting Evidence from Traumatized Victims | Evidence Management

Trauma cases are sensitive cases, and they require sensitive, non-traditional evidence collection and evidence management approaches. By maximizing your resources ahead of time, your agency can become more efficient, useful, and greatly responsive to the community at large.

In Memory of Game Warden Arnold J Magoon

Warden Magoon passed away in 1978, his wife and two sons were left to bear the burden, brought on over a deer shot out of season while his killer managed to live his life after serving a short sentence in prison.

Video Redaction Technology Has Evolved

CaseGuard Studio makes the complex tasks of video redaction and audio redaction very simple and affordable. Point and click to redact any video and any audio files.

Evidence Room | Handling Lost & Found

Patrol personnel are quite capable of handling lost and found items, and with a little support they can carry out the mission more efficiently.