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Evidence Training | Currency Handling, Packaging, and Storing Standards

Evidence currency creates a special set of circumstances that require two people to be involved at every stage of the process, to ensure we’ve covered all our bases, we need to involve two people, with dual confirmation at every stage, verifying that the currency we’re in charge of, has not been changed, altered, or gone missing.

Evidence Room | Packaging Manual

Building a packaging manual is a cornerstone of any agency evidence room, and sets the tone for how evidence is handled and maintained by your agency. The quicker you address these issues, the quicker you can expect your agency to assimilate to the standards expected to maintain evidence integrity.

In Memory of Deputy Clifford Dicker

Deputy Dicker was a 14-year veteran with the Wythe County Sheriff’s Office, and all that knew him speak to his fairness, impartial nature, and respect to duty. Frankly, these are all qualities we should all embody.

Evidence Room | Procedures Manual

Procedures in any public safety environment should present how activities are completed, and define those activities to their most basic terms. Procedures are important, because they delineate the activities associated with each unit. The reinforce general orders, and act as a starting point from where policy originates from.

Evidence Room | General Orders

General orders and policy get confused with one another a lot. People intertangle the two as if they are the same thing. Administrators are likely guiltier of this than line staff, because they must address both general orders and policy usually in the same question

Evidence Training | Refresher Training

Arriving at an appropriate formula for refresher training doesn’t have to be major headache. Using steps and research to arrive at your plan is a way to eliminate some of the long thought that can slow your progress. Letting agency data dictate your training is useful, and efficient.

In Memory of Sergeant Jaime Primera Rodriguez

Sergeant Rodriguez served honorably for three agencies, and didn’t deserve to die because someone involved in drug trade didn’t want to face responsibility for their own actions. Sergeant Rodriguez’ death is a reminder that simply asking for identification, one of the most basic activities that law enforcement is required to do with contacting members of the public, is dangerous.

Evidence Records Triage | Deciding What to Remove and When

Evidence rooms are beasts that require intensive care upfront, to get them in order and ready for use. Once your evidence room is up to the standards, it will get your agency closer to its goals of transparency, integrity, and efficiency.

Evidence Records Management | What To Maintain | What Not To

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. That’s the problem with government service. Because our evidence room can’t become a document warehouse, we’re not a magazine wholesaler, we’re a public safety agency storing and transferring evidence.

In Memory of Town Marshal Walter Rupert Little

It appears that the Washtucna Town Marshal’s Office was shuttered in the wake of Marshal Little’s untimely death, the community losing a well-respected business and lawman, as well as part of its identity all in one lone gunshot. Marshal Little’s death reminds us how much is lost with each officer fatality, and how fragile the line between right and wrong is, at the intersection of dignity and accountability.