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10 Functions to Look for in an Asset Management Software | Part 2

In part two of 10 Functions to Look for in an Asset Management Software, we’ll discuss the next five basic functions that your asset management software should have. Get asset management software that solves problems, not creates them.

In Memory of Officer James Wood & Corporal James Bounds

It is the kind of scene that no one ever wants to face, not only the death of a law enforcement officer, but the death of a friend. In cold, intense, in your face fashion. It is the kind of the scene that every law enforcement officer fears their family may face.

10 Functions to Look for in an Asset Management Software | Part 1

Asset management software has been around for a while, however much of it has been antiquated since inception. Basic functionality in software should not only be expected, it should be demanded. If a software provider cannot offer these ten functions, with superior quality and sophisticated operation, then it is software that is not worth your time, or your agency’s money.

The Quartermaster | The True Role of an Asset Manager

Asset management has been a somewhat neglected trade in public safety. However, over time, it’s clear that when there’s a crisis of equipment, their importance becomes crystal clear. It’s time to invest in asset management, with proper personnel, training, software, and agency documentation that supports and defines the role, and makes it clear that asset management is a top priority for your agency, and public transparency.

Evidence Room | Evidence Personnel Training

There are some basics that need to be covered in training for evidence personnel, and there are also some lower priorities that need to be addressed when considering an all-encompassing training plan. You can’t address every single situation, but you can get everyone on the same page for nearly 99 percent of the tasks and challenges they will face.

In Memory of Officer Hector Luis Calderon-Romero

Officer Calderon-Romero did exactly what he was trained to do, confront dangerous people and situations, and resolve the problem presented. His sacrifice prevented the death of at least one other person, and potentially several others.

Evidence Collection | First Responder Duties

Processing evolving scenes, or scenes we did not expect do not have to be a crucible. We can get out of them as efficiently as we got into them, and leave on better footing all at the same time. Getting your officers in the right mind frame for encountering such scenes is a cornerstone of any agency, and any administration that sacrifices this component to their operation is dooming their agency, and officer’s reputation.

Evidence Room | Documenting the Work

Documenting the property operation workload doesn’t have to be a challenge. Annotating defined activities, items, and the types of labor support them, coupled with assigning what paperwork goes where should free up much of the effort you used to need to put into this

In Memory of Sergeant Howard Henry Franklin

Sergeant Howard Franklin first served as a police officer with the Newberry Police Department, South Carolina in the mid-1880’s, before retiring after 27 years of service. He then moved to Orangeburg and was promoted to Sergeant at Branchville Police Department very soon after being hired, and his primary function in this role was as a detective.

Evidence Room | Scheduling & Manpower

Scheduling and manpower doesn’t have to be a difficult process. With some basic math applied, along with a few guiding premises, we can quickly establish the needs of any agency, and how to go about accomplishing their specific needs.